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"I live what I write"
"I live what I write"

His Mind -Alike

By DEEPIKA RAO in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 0

His Mind-Alike. Brushing the strand of her hair back, She admired how the mirror was portraying her. Dressed in his big black coat and an orange tie, She somehow managed to look like a miniatured him.  Then she stood still, straightened her shoulders, Chin up! imitating what she had always se  Read More...

Published on Jun 21,2020 01:40 PM

Forest of Death

By DEEPIKA RAO in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0

Forest of Death.Once upon a Time my love,I was lost in the forest of Death.A place that personified Life,Unknown and yet to be discovered.It wasn't like one would imagine it to be,Something that would label darkness or scream of pain.But it was something even more beautiful than life,A forest that c  Read More...

Published on Jun 8,2020 09:46 PM

Boundaries of Ghats - "The Cage of Kashi'

By DEEPIKA RAO in General Literary | Reads: 180 | Likes: 5

The novelty of mind is precious. It is such a beautiful thing to cherish that every tiny bit of world is so different and unique for each mind.  That even the very definition of Beautiful and Unique is different for all the beings. The way we see the world, grasp an imagination or even a solid   Read More...

Published on Jun 8,2020 08:53 PM

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