Violent father
By Moumita Sinha in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 928 | लाइक: 3
Everyone consider their parents as an idol. Every children see their parents as a form of god and godess. Parents don't need a cape to become a superhero, they are superhero of our life. They are believed to be the best person a children can have. But what if that Iron Man of your life becomes Thano  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 22,2020 07:46 PM
Why self defence can reduce crimes related to women
By Harish Muralidhar in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 1,130 | लाइक: 1
There was a police officer whose area will be 99% rape free after. Evryone wondered why?   The reason was everyone he would train 1000's of girl for self-defense. Everynight 5-10 cases would be booked for rape attempt but no rape happend. I hope this story inspires all ladies to learn self defe  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:40 AM
The girl who was raped ( chapter 1)
By Nitin Jangid in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 627 | लाइक: 1
Today it was a walk on the road like everyday. Even today, there were carts of fruit on the roadside. People were bargaining for fruits on Fellows. It was a town street that was deserted after a crowded area of ​​some area. It was morning and the children were going towards the school with their  आणखी वाचा...
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The girl who was raped ( chapter 1) हिन्दी
By Nitin Jangid in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 669 | लाइक: 1
आज सड़क पर रोज़ की ही तरह चहल पहल थी । आज भी सड़क के किनारे फलो के ठेले लगे हुए थे । लोग ठेलो पर फलो का मोलभाव कर रहे थे । यह  आणखी वाचा...
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The Soul of gold
By Ishagani_Mochii in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 357 | लाइक: 1
Once, there was a man on living on the streets of New York he was very much poor he was so untidy people used to ignore him the day he didn't got any money he stole things from the store and run away and this continued for 1 year but one day he got a disease but he couldn't afford the cost of the tr  आणखी वाचा...
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What if female fetus has a voice
By rahul pasumarthy in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 865 | लाइक: 2
Hello world,Myself female fetus.It’s almost 6 months I’m sharing my space in my mother’s womb. Dark, silent, of course peaceful too. But does this remain same after my birth? It’s million dollar question. Which don’t have an answer for a long time? For any object which   आणखी वाचा...
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By Harshit Chhabra in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 330 | लाइक: 0
“Oh come on, Jason. You have to start cooperating.” “Mr. Sharma, you have to realize what I’m going through right now.” Dr. Jason smacked his lips and started chanting again “I don’t know who I am” exactly 10 times before stopping for 10 seconds and ch  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 24,2020 02:10 PM
I'm scared of humans more...
By Chinmoyee Deka in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 351 | लाइक: 0
Beating all the other chromosomes, she came to the world But little did she know That victory would cost her a lot That playful child was numb forever Along with her toys, her innocence was taken over. Irony. The one supposed to protect her, did the reverse. The place claimed to be holiest became th  आणखी वाचा...
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The Balancing Act
By Filter Koffee Chronicles in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 564 | लाइक: 2
Warning: Contains Adult content, extreme violence.  Only for ages 21 and above ! ************************************************************************************************************************ “Get the hell away from me”, Anamika shouted! Her voice carrying across the lengt  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 28,2020 01:05 AM
The Criminal Nights Of Bombay
By Anshika Tandon in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 576 | लाइक: 0
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 28,2020 06:20 PM
A mother’s choice
By Blessy in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 646 | लाइक: 0
I love my job as my job as a reporter is to find new informations and report them. Now as I sit waiting for the report of my mother at the clinic I see a woman maybe in her 50s sitting next to me. The reporter in me comes alive and I start chatting with her asking about why is she in the clinic, but  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 30,2020 11:56 AM
Killing of innocence
By PS_Writing's in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 307 | लाइक: 1
We'll have fun tonight… A man's voice whispered  And grabbed her tight, He was smelling like alcohol  He pushed his heavy body  Over her little own. "Let me in baby … I'll make you feel crazy" He uttered passionately. Longest night of her life  Darkness fully covere  आणखी वाचा...
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Ellie's Death
By Moons in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 456 | लाइक: 3
I finally went home after a long day and opened my house door while complaining on phone about my working hours. As I entered into the house, I hung the phone and called out to Ellie. She didn't answer and that was strange cause usually she would be worried when I am late. Thinking somethi  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 1,2020 11:13 AM
The Spider and its Prey
By Vinay Pushpakaran in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 652 | लाइक: 2
The spider is a very patient creature. It weaves a beautiful web and waits for its prey to get stuck in it. Then it moves swiftly for the kill. And then this cycle repeats itself for the next meal! Insane amount of patience this fellow has, thought Aniket as he watched the spider on the wall above h  आणखी वाचा...
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Fear of girl
By Bhargavaram in Crime | वाचलं गेलेलं: 290 | लाइक: 0
On fine morning Ganapathi an 23 years old boy with uncle Raju and aunt pooja are started to Mumbai.Ganapathi's parents were died in an accident when he was 3. so he brought up by his uncle and aunt.They reached mumbai and saw a new house to stay .In mumbai Ganapathi had 3 friends they are rajeev,kam  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 1,2020 07:45 PM