By Thea Rose in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 560 | लाइक: 7
one day will come when your joy turns into ashes in your mouth and that day my debt will be paid Henceforth  I will be whole again the piece of me you oh so viciously stole from me It will return to me and make me whole again I will reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix  and I will rise I w  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 09:38 PM
In Praise of Short term love
By Eva Edner in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 305 | लाइक: 1
Who are you to say Love should be incessant When life itself Is here for a few days Is this life not Worth time and living For it may not Be forever? Then why do you Scorn over love That lasts Less than forever? Learn all you can From this part-time teacher For each has their sole lore Of passion  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 09:50 PM
A stray dog's little story
By Vidya Sampath in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 362 | लाइक: 0
Can we give a pawshake human?? Stop one minute, listen to us. (Just a minute) Can we give a pawshake human?? Stop one minute, listen to us. You wanted to make this world your only home, now what a pity?!! Your home has now become your only world human.. Earth is for all of us to share in common.. Ca  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:00 PM
One evening at the terrace
By Adrija Mukherjee (Amaranthine) in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 400 | लाइक: 1
Today I climbed the terrace With a plate of delicacies in my hand All made by me alone. It's the highest I could climb, farthest I could go. I kept the plate aside as the wind brushed through my hair over the dried sweat of my scalp, And I realised that I am not free to go anywhere like the wind, I  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:28 PM
By vasudha Sharma in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 689 | लाइक: 1
मैं आज मेरे अल्फाज़ों में चंद जज़्बात मिला रही हूँ, कुछ अनकही सी अनसुनी सी मेरे हिस्से की कहानी सुना रही हूँ ! तो ज़नाब  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:30 PM
पाक-पकिजा पैगाम
By keshav sharma in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 543 | लाइक: 0
आहिस्ता आब-ए-चश्म आली हुए ।आशुफता में सहज अल्फाज भी खाक हुए ।इज्तिराब इताव इल्लत में कई आलिम खाक हुए ।इतम इमान इबार  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:32 PM
Rise above
By Aarathy M P in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 425 | लाइक: 1
Hear my words little one,  break those walls of self doubt and inbuilt fears.  Laugh more till you cry a little,  sing more till you dance a little.  Hop around till you fly,  rising above all; self-healing and loving that little soul of yours,  still breathing,   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:38 PM
Haan me jeena sikh chuki hun..
By Shraddha Parakh in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 278 | लाइक: 0
Sab kuch seh kar, apne aap ko majbut bana liya hai Logon ko samjh kar, apne aap ko bhi samjh liya hai. Sab kuch apne andar dabaakar, logon ko bolne ka moka diya hai Toh kuch chize na batakar, logon ko ilzaam lagane ka haak bhi diya hai Har raat khud rokar, mene dusro ko hasaya hai, Joker ka role men  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:50 PM
By shiva patro in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 572 | लाइक: 0
Even i ddon't know words never explains our pain until you leaved me.  Even i never thought sometimes smile hides our deepst sorrow.   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 10:55 PM
The Road that was taken
By Aditi Rawat in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 953 | लाइक: 0
2 years ago, she rode the bus. It took the road to Delhi,and her graduation commenced.  Admission to prestigious The University of Delhi ,joys knew no bounds.  Everything looks perfect ,but truth was different.  Parents were glad,untill neighbours made them realize , The colleen is   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:01 PM
What if
By yuga in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 460 | लाइक: 4
What if all those who wander are lost, What if even Alexa goes on quarantine, What if a sanitizer becomes your favourite kinda birthday gift, What if, We consider it as a  phase of time  And believe  Everything will be fine.... Till then appreciate the hardly witnessed quiet signs and  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:18 PM
All by myself
By Mon in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 424 | लाइक: 1
Shadowed path. Sneak peek a while. Stories untold, strangers known. Tossing around moody hours. Chances let gone, silence nigh me now.    आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:26 PM
Corona of an eclipse
By Rajavi Parekh in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 949 | लाइक: 1
Maybe  We were on a way  To a catastrophe  Maybe Increasing temperatures Were a sign to stop Maybe The forgotten Humanity  Is the cause Maybe  This is The Corona of an eclipse A lesson to our mistakes Where we come closer By distancing  Where we fight together By waitin  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:27 PM
After the thunderous night
By Herteddy in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 2,268 | लाइक: 1
After the thunderous night & all those storm The sea is still  It's like a liquid mirror; Moments before  In the middle of storm I couldn't even see the sky, But now I don't even have to look up And I can see the falling stars; Moments before  I would have disappeared, But now I'm  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:30 PM
You're their only gemstone so please stay home
By Herteddy in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 385 | लाइक: 1
There's a storm outside, so please stay inside This time will fly soon But I request all it's passengers to stay home You are the apple of your loved one's eyes Please don't go outside It's healthy for them too if you stay home Even if you've been wandering always Just for a while isolate yoursel  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 11:37 PM