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A Bizarre Captive’s Diary

by Anusha Devi Harish

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

29 years old Tara’s monotonous routine is interrupted when a strange man enters her life and claims that he will cause bomb blasts and terrorize the religious city of Schedoty in order to exterminate those who believe in the creator and have blind faith. When Tara ignores his claims, the strange man goes ahead with his mission. Will Tara feel guilty? Did she commit a crime of letting the terror attacks occur by not taking an action against the warnings given to her? Or will nihilism prevail and crime she has not have committed as she perceives that imposing religion is in itself a grave sin.

Simultaneously, Tara is tormented when her past surfaces in the form of emotions and a close one gets affected with schizophrenia. Can Tara’s philosophical attitude pave way for survival? This story attempts the exposition of existentialism, religious fundamentalism, nihilism, finding what is real in the unreal, and the wrath of sanity and insanity.


Anusha Devi Harish is currently in her 4th year of law school, pursuing BA LLB Honours at School of Law, Christ University. Her interests include reading, writing, numismatics, long distance running, travelling and photography. Anusha is an avid reader intending to pursue her career as a writer and an academician. She is interested in jurisprudence, criminal law, philosophy and particularly existentialism.

She is significantly influenced by the works and lives of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche,Edgar Allan Poe and H P. Lovecraft.


 A Bizarre Captive’s Diary is her first novel to be published. She has also completed another novel that she plans to publish after she finishes her undergraduate education in 2018.



A Bizarre Captive’s Diary





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