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Area Nocrus

Author Name: Mohammad Musaddiq | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

When their plane goes down near the mysterious village of Shen, three friends find themselves plunged into a world of terror and danger. As they explore their surroundings, they discover the existence of an ominous place called Area Nocrus: a walled-off section of the village that is said to turn people into flesh-eating monsters. Desperate to help the people of Shen and put an end to the horrors of Area Nocrus, the friends team up with a village girl and Arnold, a warrior and ex-Nocrus military head. Together, they embark on a perilous journey filled with codes to decipher, hidden entrances to find, sacrifices to make, and battles to win.

But with every step they take, the danger only grows more intense. Can they survive the terrors of Area Nocrus and save the innocent people of Shen? Or will they fall prey to the same fate as so many before them? Don't miss this heart-pounding adventure of survival, sacrifice, and bravery in the face of unimaginable horror.

As you delve into the pages of this book, you'll be transported to a world where danger lurks around every corner, and the line between science and morality is blurred. The characters are complex, their motivations are compelling, and the story is a rollercoaster of twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Mohammad Musaddiq

Mohammad Musaddiq is a prodigiously talented young author, novelist and innovator whose work "The Ultimate Death" and "Area Nocrus" has been celebrated for its compelling storytelling and deft use of language. Beyond his literary accomplishments, Musaddiq has established himself as a visionary entrepreneur, leveraging his technical expertise as the founder and CEO of Dnthu Incorporation. Additionally, he is a gifted artist whose work has earned him recognition and admiration in the creative community. To engage with Musaddiq and learn more about his work, interested parties can find him on social media at @arqoryn.