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Bringing up a Vedantic Mother

Author Name: Urmila Prabhu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

This book very subtly but effectively highlights the importance of daily conversations through the lens of a mother and daughter. Its universal application is the beauty of these interactions. While reading you will discover that these experiences happen to us regularly with our family, friends and at our professional set-up. Our real happiness resides in how we respond to these stimuli. Through short stories, dialogues, poems, illustrations, Bringing Up a Vedantic Mother gives us different insights on ways to embrace every experience/emotion unconditionally and relish every ‘ras’ in its purest form as the wisdom lies in these unfiltered conversations between them.

Great philosophers said, ‘Life is a series of experiences.’ This book is a testimonial for it.

This book shows us the importance of ‘being in the present’. It weaves all the human emotions like touching, feeling, appreciating, resenting, hating but letting it go. It tells us the importance of stringing little moments to add value to one’s life.

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Urmila Prabhu

Urmila Prabhu is an award-winning international storyteller and story coach. She’s having nearly 30 years of experience in the field of education. Her thirst to understand people, their mannerisms, their stereotypes, their way of thinking and responding, led her to travel from Pakistan to Finland, from deep tribal areas of Chandrapur to the ultra-modern Tokyo on assignments for storytelling and story coaching. These myriad experiences help her immensely to understand different cultures, customs and perspectives of life. This also adds flavor to whatever she does in life. Urmila’s quest for spirituality leads her to go deep into her inner self, to know herself better and operate from that zone. This practice has led to a beautiful relationship with her own self, which is helping her to have a better relationship with the world.



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