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Confessions Secrets Being Disclosed

Author Name: Udipta Goswami | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Krish, a boy born and brought up in the most beautiful and cleanest town, Tezpur in the state of Assam, is caught in the web of troubles which includes studies, expectations from parents, teenage problems, etc. To add to his woes, the term called ‘love’ too got implemented in his case. Anushka, a girl from the same locality was the one with whom Krish fell in love. Amidst all the problems, will Krish be able to win the heart of his love? Or, will he face the bitter part of falling in love? Will he be able to get all he wants? Or, will he be deprived of getting what he wants?

Welcome to ‘Confessions’, the life-story of Krish depicted by him in a very plain and sweet manner. The story unfolds the secrets and incidents of Krish’s life which he discloses in the book.


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