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Do Not Write off the Least To See, Know and Grow

Author Name: Alex Mathew | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Ordinarily, things do not happen the way we want them to happen. They do happen the way they happen not because we want them to happen that way but because that’s the way things happen. We loathe letting things happen in any other way other than how we want them to happen. Most of us do not have the time to take a look at ourselves. We do not have time to ‘see’ ourselves. This book is for encouraging ourselves to look for the specific purpose of looking to see even the unseen. Because we fail to see—to know—and do not care to understand the existential meaning and ontic purpose of the mode-of-being-in-the-world, we lose our mooring and start practicing undesirable ways of living. Some turn into self-praisers, some get busy creating victims and programing them, ignoring and denying the ever-present sufficiency of peace and love—being blind to it.

“A great take away from this book is that meaningful reflections are within touching distance of everyone one of us; we do not have to be professional or trained philosophers to embark on it.” - Rev. (Dr) Valson Thampu

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Alex Mathew

Lt. (Dr) Alex Mathew Ph.D., Th.D. is a consultant counselor who believes that in his profession ‘love’ has the top priority. He does not believe in analyzing, conditioning, programming and using people; neither does he consider or designate them as victims. At 84, his experience in counseling across three continents, for nearly half a century, has taught him that people everywhere and their problems are more or less of the same genre. From plant sciences, he turned to counseling in the early 70s, compelled by the enormous need for comforting and building up of defeated persons and bringing them out of their individual tragedies. To that end, he acquired a Diploma from International Institution of Counseling, Belgium, a Ph.D. from the USA and subsequently, a Th.D. from India to equip himself to be an effective counselor. He learned abiding lessons in compassionate, loving and caring gentleness in counseling from Europe, Africa, USA and India. This lead him to an unambiguous conclusion that no counseling takes place in an environment devoid of love. His counseling produces miraculous results, healing and blessing all round. He has authored: Beyond Techniques, Making of a Christian Counsellor and Who Stole the Cookies besides scores of feature articles on counseling and its related subjects in many journals and magazines. In the Press: Do Not Write Off the Least, Abiding Thoughts, and Who me.