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Author Name: Atharva Arya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The story follows the Tyranian King Winter, who has unlawfully been banished from his kingdom by his best friend who he grew up with. After collecting his team, he starts the rebellion against his rival in the heart of their very own kingdom. But little does he know, there is more behind it than just wanting the throne and power of the kingdom. A dark plot is in place, one that aims to put the world under an eternal night using witchcraft and dark magic. Can Winter regain his kingdom and unravel the mystery behind this dark plot, or will the witches have their way? All seems possible.

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Atharva Arya

Atharva Arya is a 13-year-old teenager who is the first-time author of Exile, a fiction novella based on medieval times of witchcraft. The book took around 3 weeks for him to fully plan and write, and a further two to fully edit and send. He got the inspiration from reading old English literature while revising for an English exam, where he read an extract in which they used Elizabethan English. The days before his revision, he started his book and used a form of English for some characters that use a fusion of Elizabethan English and modern English. He currently has only written one book but thinks to start his planning again.