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INTERNET DEFENCE for those who surf the internet

Author Name: Rushikesh Santosh Borude | Format: Paperback | Genre : Computers | Other Details

This book is specifically written for people like you folks who are
relatively new to using a computer and want to discover how to
use the Internet safely. In writing this internet defence book, we’ve tried to take
into account the types of activities that might interest a senior
who’s either discovering computers for the first time or discovering
how to use them more safely.
In today's generation, I see everyone using the internet for their
purposes. It's good.
Everyone is affected by cyber attacks such as fishing, SMS, and
fraud. Many types of fraud exist, including internet banking fraud,
call fraud, identity theft fraud, credentials theft fraud, bank id
password theft fraud, and many others.
Are you thinking about how hackers steal your credentials? I
believe you have no idea. I know, I know. Think about it; I discuss it
in this cyber defence book. 

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Rushikesh Santosh Borude

Hello everyone. My name is Rushikesh. I live in India. I am a college
a student with a few years of cyber security experience. My main motto
for writing, this book is that in current times, every person, every
the company, every family, every businessman, every woman, and many
more things use security tools like antivirus.
I have a question for you: why do you use antivirus when you need the
the best security from hackers and attackers?

How does an attacker attack a target because he disregards security
guidelines? About security. Sometimes I worry about security, but I have
no idea how to secure the internet. That is a big problem for everyone,
but don't worry, we have a solution. Your questions
In this book, I talk about how to secure the internet, like the world wide
In this cyber defence book, you learn what is the internet, the history of the internet,
how to use the internet, how to secure the internet, which precautions
are used, web types like deep web dark web surface web, and many
more things you learn in this book.

I don't recommend this book for only cyber security people on students, I
recommend this book for all like students, teachers, adults, girls, boys,
housewife, and everyone who uses the internet On any device.