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Invisible Drivers in Management

Author Name: Dr. B.S.K. Naidu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

The book deals with Invisibles in the realm of mind, intellect, and vision through reflective visuals in the domain of biological eyes with their reminiscent interpretations.

The hidden doctrines, vision, passion, compassion, conscience, acumen, spiritual values, consciousness, etc. are the kind of invisible drivers of ‘All-inclusive Management’, dealt with in this book.

This is a book of ‘Management Wisdom’ churned out of the Author’s five decades of penetrating experience in Industry and Academics, substantiated with fascinating examples.

The effort integrates deep insights into human life with professional management, mapping ‘Invisibles’ into a meaningful set of conceptual modules with sub-themes occupying just a few pages, providing you with walkable segments during your rewarding journey through this book.

The text, being perceptual, is written mostly in a ‘Story-telling format’ facilitating its easy assimilation with interesting reading, easy-to-recall.

The book is envisaged to be useful for working professionals in any domain once they rise to the management band right up to the level of CEO, besides Management Teachers & Trainers.

Management experience backed up by Author’s engineering acumen has figured out behind-the-scenes perceptions, defining the USP of this book.

The book indeed provides ‘A New Paradigm’ for Management Science with a distinct philosophical framework.

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Dr. B.S.K. Naidu

Dr. B.S.K. Naidu, Chairman Emeritus of the prestigious Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurugram, NCR, Delhi served as the ‘Director-General’ of Govt. of India Organizations as well as in the Corporate Sector. He was Senior Advisor to the Advanced Engineering Associates International (AEAI), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, for their USAID Project on Capacity Building.

He was one of the invited contributors to a Study on ‘Human Excellence’ at IIM, Ahmedabad which culminated in their publication ‘Fourth Eye: Excellence through Creativity’ in 1988. His leadership of knowledge-based Organizations was the subject of a Case Study on ‘Transformational Leadership’ at IP University, Delhi where it was rated as the best and was awarded the first prize in the year 2007. Dr. Naidu is the recipient of the First ‘Outstanding Academic Leadership Award (2014)’ from the Higher Education Forum (HEF) of India.

He has received numerous awards and honors in Engineering and Management comprising the Central Board of Irrigation & Power Diamond Jubilee Award (1989), Fellowship of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (1993), Platinum Jubilee year Eminent Engineer Award (2002) from the Institution of Engineers (India), Delhi and the highest honor “Hon.D.WRE” (2012) of the American Academy of Water Resources (WR) Engineers, bracketing him with thirty (30) most eminent WR scientists in the world.

An Eminent Engineer-turned-Management Guru, Dr. Naidu is credited with 150 publications including 7 books for post-graduate studies. He is an acclaimed thought leader who has a matchless way of mapping and analyzing the insights of management in the professional domain with engineering acumen.