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Mashuq - E - Jaan Love Longing and Desire for the Beloved

Author Name: Dr. Shadab Ahmed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Though the territorial world we live in is pretty and glamorizing, it also lacks anything real other than chagrin, monotony and general annoyance. Over centuries and trans-continentally, the deprived and defenestrated human beings have exalted, glorified and revered explosive sexuality, longing and desire in many forms. In the pre-technological era sans automation and mechanics, spiritual poetry and erotic verses has remained two of the most popular forms of devotion to the beloved. Eroticism and Mysticism in love often appears confusingly entangled and inextricable. It often becomes hard to discern whether there is erotic love camouflaged under the illusion of mysticism, or there is mystical spiritual love tacitly masquerading as erotic proclivity. In spite of sensual badgering and carnal victimization, the concupiscent poets and poeticules dared to write candidly and canonize their sybaritic love for the beloved. Many of them vanished, engulfed and eclipsed into their beloved. Many of them dispersed, subsumed and merged subconsciously with their demiurge. What remains back is their enthralling and intrepid chronicle of love and longing, desire and affection. Presented in this book are a compendium of translated verses and songs of love & devotion to the “Beloved & the Lover” - across the Indian Heartlands and Persian Frontiers. You will discover that your longings are universal longings, you are not alone.

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Dr. Shadab Ahmed

Dr. Shadab Ahmed is a sapiophile and bibliophile, and is a scholar of Indian, Oriental, Persian, Ottoman, Mandarin and European Medieval and Modernist Poetry. His extra-academic interest bridges across Bards, Rhymes, Hymns, Epics, Odes, Elegies, Zajals, Poesies, Ballads, Sonnets, Quatrains, Verses, Couplets, Qasidehs, Muwashshahs, Masnawis, Haikus, Limericks and Runes. His favorite genres of poetry are Norse, Hebrew, European, Mughal, Russian, Iberian, Latin - Modernism, Metaphysical, Alhambra, Mandarin, Oriental, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Baltic and Castilian. His distinctive interest lies in European Literature and Poetry (covering Jacobean Era, Elizabethan Era, Edwardian Era, Georgian Era, Stuart and Caroline Eras, Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Eras) and Mandarin Poetry encompassing Ming, Yuan, Song and Tang dynasties. He is the author of 4 published non-pedagogical books related to World Poetry, with several others under progress. He devotes his free time maniacally to reading, understanding and translating various canonical poetry in texts and their interpretation, along with their “Pre-Text” in History and “Con-Text” in contemporary times.