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Pacific And Utopian Lakes

Author Name: Myiesha Srivastava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

We are synonymous with the Pacific. An ocean, full of turmoils, waiting to be explored. But how far can the voyage go? What if you were to demolish the bits that you dreaded, as if the fear of drowning was irrational? What if you were then left with a lake- an appendage of that enchanting, daunting body? Somewhere just as ravishing, but less risky. Doesn't it sound utopian? This book is a compilation of poems that explore both the Pacific And Utopian Lakes. Maybe as you go along you can choose which one you'd like to swim in, or even, be stranded in.

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Myiesha Srivastava

Myiesha Srivastava is a student at Waingels College, Reading, England. She has found solace in writing ever since her childhood. Myiesha is highly passionate about poems, specifically in expressing her thoughts and beliefs through them. She wrote one of her earliest poems, "Breath Ends", around the age of 10 which is included in this book. A couple of her poems have been previously published in magazines and websites such as Retrace by Footprints on Jupiter' and 'ICE Lolly'. "Pacific And Utopian Lakes" is her debut collection and is based on a range of different topics. Visit the author's website at