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The Continuity Moment Insight The Catalyst in Your Resilience Journey

Author Name: Harsha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Do you want to get more than 26 ideas to innovate continuously and set up an interesting passion in your life, work and profession? This book is your resource and catalyst as you begin the resilience journey to an innovative destination.

We have all learnt “A for Apple, B for Bat, C for Cat until Z for Zebra” when we were in kindergarten. But now, as professionals, it is our turn to unlearn and relearn, “A for Altitude, B for Bonding, C for Competency…R for Relevance, S for Scalability, U for Uncertainty, W for Wisdom and Y for Yield.” Flip each page for an episode to learn and re-write the mnemonics to make the world learn from you.

This book, The Continuity Moment Insight - The Catalyst in Your Resilience Journey, is a simple book with 26 episodes in building resilience and passion as well as a road map not only for business continuity or resilience professionals but for professionals, students and individuals in any field.

You can read stories, learn from them, take your turn for a self-assessment as you build yourself stronger and also invest in building your own story bank. The most important in all actions is the ‘individual’. Success reaches an individual when a group of individuals contributes to a common goal and objective. Stories make it interesting; individuals learn from stories and stories get written with each experience making life interesting.

This book will help you succeed in life, profession, and building resilient interpersonal relationships as you navigate in your constant journey of resilience and achievements.

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Harsha Sastry is a certified professional in good standing, a Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) from DRI International (United States).  Harsha has earned the membership in the order of the Sword and Shield, National Honor Society.

A gist of Harsha’s contribution to business continuity, crisis management, integrating the journey towards operational and organizational resilience illustrates the experience in a spectrum of activities building up the galaxy of resilience over the past 25 years. 

·         An experienced leader in steering strategic initiatives for manufacturing, information technology-enabled services, directory publishing, FMCG, information technology services and software and financial services industries. 

·         Steered strategic projects organization-wide across large group companies, strengthening the resilience frameworks and culture across service continuity, supply chain resilience practices and management initiatives. 

·         Set up, governed and institutionalized multiple forms of resilience index metrics to establish maturity levels for organizations as internal benchmarking standards.

·         Established innovation and product development for the industrialization of business continuity, disaster recovery, cyber event integration and resilience processes for organizations globally.

·         Enables organizations to attain maturity and help adopt, adapt and adept mature levels of resilience.

·         Harsha is an industry expert and a columnist who publishes newsletters on LinkedIn to provide the weekly #Continuity_Moment_Insight.  Harsha has spoken in multiple forums and steered global conferences which engage and promote continuity and resilience.