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The Indefatigable Crusader Eric Ozario

by Royston Fernandes

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The Indefatigable Crusader takes you through an inspiring journey of struggles and battles that Eric Ozario fought, for the lesser privileged and the downtrodden. It begins with the arrival of European Missionaries in Mangalore, and the socio-cultural and economic impact of their religious conversion of the locals. Eric’s life is an interesting mix of the appalling poverty and social isolation that he had to endure in his childhood, and the colourful larger than life persona that he displayed as he grew. His bitter experiences helped him analyse the true colours of this society and its unjust model, which he chose to oppose all his life.

Eric’s crusades as a young man campaigning for the people of his ghetto, is electrifying, hair-raising, stimulating and motivating. His fight, leading the Christian workers against their employer – the church, is definitely emotive to many and may even be scandalous to a few. All his struggles particularly in Christian establishments blatantly expose the duplicity of organised religion.

But what may surprise many readers is the fact that Eric, despite leading the agitations, is also, a celebrated composer and singer par excellence. He is not only a distinguished artiste, but also is a creative innovator, an excellent organiser, an eminent educator, an admired leader and an illustrious, untiring Konkani activist who through his organisation Mandd Sobhann, has rejuvenated Konkani language and culture.

Eric’s life is a perfect blend of the brave tiger that fought for the people and the flamboyant peacock that performed before the world – a rare combination that only a few celebrated and accomplished personalities in the history of this world possess. His stimulating and saluted life will, without doubt, inspire and awaken the revolutionary in you.

Royston Fernandes is an ardent nature lover and environmental activist. His entry into this field was in the year 2007, at a young age of 17 when he wrote his first book ‘Shall we save the Earth?’ Since then he has organized and participated in numerous campaigns to educate the people and has taken up causes aimed at protecting the delicate local ecology in his hometown. A mechanical engineer by qualification, he is well-known for his severe analysis and criticism of the present societal set up. He is of the opinion that the selfish capitalistic set-up of society is solely responsible for the grim future we are staring at. He argues for a change in the system and calls for the establishment of a new world order – the society without selfishness. In his first book, ‘Shall we save the earth?’ he has discussed the need to establish this new socio-economic model. He has explained in great detail about the manner in which we could slowly change the present system and adopt the new model. The society without selfishness is a highly efficient societal model whose strong foundation lies on the principles of equal distribution of wealth and natural resources. In his new book, ‘Wake up Mangalore… or be damned!’ he tells the story of Mangalore and its struggle with climate change. However the Mangalore he refers to can be considered to be any coastal city located on this earth. The problems and sufferings that the locals would face are discussed in great detail in this book. In the second half of the book, he details out the potential benefits of the society without selfishness from an environmental point of view and thus invites his fellow earthizens to unite together to establish such a regime. Apart from being a nature lover, Royston is a qualified pianist and a senior grade artist. He was the conductor of the church choir for two years and continues to provide his voluntary services to the choir troupe. A lover of art and culture, he is an active member of Mandd Sobhann – the world’s premier Konkani cultural organization, which works towards the preservation and enrichment of Konkani language and culture.


The Indefatigable Crusader



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