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The Invisible Me

Author Name: Madhumita | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A knight faces one of the deadliest bloodsheds of his time.

An African slave is trapped in the intrigues of a world that threatens his survival.

A modern Indian girl struggles through her daily life often marooned amid passion, desire, and commitments.

An aspiring CEO treads a path of hardship, lesser travelled by people.

Though they all belong to different time zones, geographical boundaries, and gender one element of mystery behaviour binds them that defy every boundary, culture, and norm. This secretive side is cunning enough to just change the face and occupy a new possessor. The imposter side is invincibly hidden inside the mind's ravine only to peep out and strike at the most opportune moment. What begins as a mystery becomes an eye-opener for everyone and helps unmask an invisible imposter within us. Sprinkled with liberal doses of witticism and humour, these tales will make the readers laugh, cry, rage, and think.

"Imagination at its best- Will surely emerge as a star novel of this Millennium" --Mr. Sanjay Agrawal


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Thinker, intellectual adventurer, doctor, author, Madhumita was born in Nagpur to a Maharashtrian mother and a Bengali father. She grew up in Maharashtra, a state with its own cultural identity. Curious by nature, she always loved book-reading. She has worked in various domains of healthcare. She has a penchant for writing and has contributed her work in two non-fiction books. A fiction aficionado, she thoroughly savours the world of imagination. She enjoys travelling, meeting people, learning new things, and blogging. Her curiosity and breadth of interest to know about various subjects ranging from health, the human psyche, management, world affairs, and women empowerment made her a knowledge seeker. She believes that mind requires a regular dose of great thoughts. She believes that a book with valuable insights has an immense power to transform an individual or society. With this belief, she is introducing her novel ‘The Invisible Me’, which describes about a secretive human behaviour that peeps out from the mind’s window and strikes out as an imposter in the most opportune moment. The interesting part is how the protagonist overcomes this imposter behaviour and conquers his weaknesses. Knowing about these behaviours will help readers improve decision-making and refine relationships.

A must read for all those who want to dig out the deep secrets of human nature.

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