War Story

The One from His Kind
By Herinza Syadza in War Story | Reads: 791 | Likes: 0
The hot air of the beach hit straight to my face, while my body is dehydrated by the sea’s salt. The full moon is light’s supply and I try to bear with the white sand. Probably two or three hours before something happened to me. A candle light dinner is probably the simplest idea you wou  Read More...
Published on Aug 25,2017 11:02 AM
Love And War
By Darshan Galadaran in War Story | Reads: 415 | Likes: 0
 It has been 5 days since he had called for reinforcements. " Where the fuck are they ?....." his mind voice always said. When he enlisted in the army, he didn't do it for one purpose only. There were many. To name a few, it would be for the country, for his family and friends, you know....the   Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2017 12:44 PM
Hail to the King
By Derrick Leong Li Keat in War Story | Reads: 640 | Likes: 0
When I was a little girl, maybe around eight or nine years old, there was a game that my friends and I used to play together. We called it ‘Hail to the King’ and this was how we played it: One kid would bring his name forward as candidate to be the leader or the ‘king’ of the  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2017 05:45 PM
Traitor, I Am
By Noel Wong Yan Ming in War Story | Reads: 528 | Likes: 0
                I have been called a variety of names over the past few years. Most people call me a traitor or a sycophant, others a collaborator. A Roma woman I once arrested called me a murderer. Many also regard me as a backstabber. All these names would h  Read More...
Published on Aug 30,2017 10:30 AM
The Metal Bird in the Sky
By Nazeem Wan Den in War Story | Reads: 456 | Likes: 0
The Metal Bird in the Sky Saturday, 5.00 pm Qasim is rather ill today, he apparently ate some peculiar-looking berries along the side of the coastline which he found and presumed to be safe to eat. That notion proved wrong as he convulsed and defecated all day long to which papa had the unfortu  Read More...
Published on Sep 2,2017 06:33 PM
Diary from the Holocaust
By Sophie Tan Yi Kah in War Story | Reads: 432 | Likes: 0
8 Jan 1920 The benign sunlight showered through the myrtle green oak leaves and glazed upon us. Hayley and I were sitting under the leafy shed, and where I realized that she had been scribbling her notebook from the peak of the morning until then. Feeling the urge to peep on her contents, my eyes d  Read More...
Published on Sep 5,2017 02:55 AM
Horrors of War
By Gan Jer Shern in War Story | Reads: 4,071 | Likes: 0
        The pitter-patter of distant gunfire, occasional sounds of airplanes swooshing over followed by a thunderous explosion can be heard. It was night time but the moon was in its prime and showered its silvery light all over the desolated landscape. I was walki  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2017 08:01 PM
By Prestley Shim in War Story | Reads: 429 | Likes: 0
'No! I must return to the North!' Ri shrieked, her arms flailing about her.  'Get me my walking stick,' she said to no one in particular, her face fleeting around the room with eyes robbed of vision. 'You can't! There is nothing left for you in the North,' Jun-Ah hopelessly tried for the u  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 09:29 PM