The Daily Bread
By Chin Siew Teng in Crime | Reads: 1,003 | Likes: 0
And around the table, they gathered, five in sum: Stella, Eugene, Mokhtar, Kelvin and Cathy. It has happened again, another loaf of bread missing. For the past month, a loaf of bread went missing nearly every day. Mr Roland Lee, an eccentric billionaire, the owner and manager of Daily Bread Caf&eacu  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 10:23 AM
Some Nights
By Venessa Chan in True Story | Reads: 393 | Likes: 0
I often find myself thinking what would it be like if I weren’t here. Would people be happier than what they actually were? Would my parents live in the city with my older sister and a dog? Would my best friend have another person as my friend? These thoughts have always been circling in my he  Read More...
Published on Sep 1,2017 02:07 PM
Can I have a feeling too
By adenin binti mohd azhar in Fantasy | Reads: 627 | Likes: 0
"Please, give me one more time." They're always pleading me. "Please, I don't want to die." In their eyes always had this teriffied looks for me. "Please, give me one more change. I still have people that need me." They always afraid of me when their saw me. "Please don't take me away." She said wit  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 08:43 PM
The True Love
By nurul ain in True Story | Reads: 361 | Likes: 0
In January 2015 " Hi" " Hi" " Why are you looking so sad? Seems you are confuse". One of her housemate was asking her. " No. I am not sad neither confuse." She tried to smile and acting like she was just doing fine. " Are you serious? Looking at outside for a few hours without doing nothing on your   Read More...
Published on Sep 11,2017 09:56 PM
When Time Fails
By Carol Chu in Thriller | Reads: 1,195 | Likes: 0
 When Time Fails I was up at the finishing line. I was the first to the finish line so I let my arms go high up in triumph as the ribbon billowed away.  I twist and turn. Dreams flitted by me, quick and sly as a really huge conglomeration of an evil butterfly. My dreams are made up of   Read More...
Published on Sep 1,2017 03:28 PM
The Author
By Edwin in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 3,183 | Likes: 0
I want to write a book. The greatest story the world has ever read. It's going to be a runaway world's best seller. My book will be #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. All the TV talk show hosts will want to interview me and give their ratings a boost. Too bad there's no more Oprah. Publisher  Read More...
Published on Sep 11,2017 10:05 PM
King Rorkhan
By Sharel in Fantasy | Reads: 31,553 | Likes: 0
The eerie darkness of the winter night would have never escaped the memory of the kingdom. The kingdom was at horrendous battle with their darkest enemy, Lord Ogrorn, the master of the Dwyrrods. This war was to assassinate Prince Rorkhan, the future king. Legend has it, that before twilight beckons   Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 06:27 AM
By Aaron J. Patrick in Crime | Reads: 1,654 | Likes: 0
   I've seen it in my dreams, far too many times than I could count; it is all too familiar to me now.      Running through a dark alley way, turning left corners and rights. I was chasing after someone...something. Then I stopped to the sudden bang of a gunshot, f  Read More...
Published on Sep 1,2017 03:03 PM
Bora Bora
By Shya in Travel | Reads: 736 | Likes: 0
  “This is the story of Laura and how she died. So listen close and listen hard cause Laura’s was a fun story that suddenly got caught up in shit storm and what’s even better about the story is how she shoved through it. Laura blinked. Once. Then her eyelids lost control and s  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 05:06 AM
By Tinny Russel Birt in Romance | Reads: 1,729 | Likes: 0
If only I had known someone would die because of me, I would not have been so eager to live. I wish I died drowning without having someone there to save me.  You might think that this kind of story exists only in a television drama, but my story is real. Very real to the point that you will reg  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 07:01 AM
If Only I knew
By Sim Wan Ting in General Literary | Reads: 713 | Likes: 0
I would do anything to be with you, right now, so I could hold your hands, look at your face, listen to your voice. Just the thought of your laughter gave me the courage and I walked to the window. Jane, my dearest sister, I missed you so much.   Outside, I recognized a reporter from a news cha  Read More...
Published on Sep 1,2017 03:47 PM
the strange red shoes
By marina bansing in Mystery | Reads: 402 | Likes: 0
THE STRANGE RED SHOES Written by Marina Bansing Amora went to school early that morning. As usual she woke up and prepare for her breakfast. Amora live with Aunt Julia in the house. Her parent went out at overseas to do some important business trip at the pearl island. Amora is 15 years old now. Sh  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 07:40 AM
Blood Sisters
By Sim Wan Ting in Thriller | Reads: 1,081 | Likes: 0
She closed her eyes. She never thought that this would happen. Maybe she had made the wrong decision after all. But that’s not what Luna thought. Truth had proven everything wrong.   It started off like any other Sunday morning, Luna woke up early as usual. The sunlight streamed in throug  Read More...
Published on Sep 1,2017 04:03 PM
By Maryati in Thriller | Reads: 1,324 | Likes: 0
It is a cold night, as I stood at the balcony of my lonely penthouse in the middle of town. Tears flowed down my face as events of these couple of weeks have been occupying my mind and perhaps the people around me. The wind was cool blowing on to my face. Maybe if I went over the ledge, this pain in  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2017 08:30 AM
Love in 1963.
By Sarah Mary in Romance | Reads: 2,039 | Likes: 0
16th October 1964. 'The sound of the birds chirping in the air makes my heart want to sing aloud, The sound of the waves crashing in each time it kisses the shores makes my mind calm, The sound of his laughter makes my lips to be plastered in a small smile, The sound of his voice makes me want to ru  Read More...
Published on Sep 1,2017 04:32 PM