Joie Yin

Author - Poet - Volunteer - Nurse - Coffeephile
Author - Poet - Volunteer - Nurse - Coffeephile

Joie Yin is an author, a volunteer, nurse and part-time English tutor. She was born in Kelantan, Malaysia but moved to several states while growing up. She believes meeting different groups of people along the way taught her values and made her who she is today.  She enjoys having a cup of coffee while writing out her thoughts into poems, short stories, and prose. She volunteers in Vietnam every July as her summer activity. Via her first book entitled Purpose, she hopes to encourage others to go out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals in life and inspire people to volunteer Read More...


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Books by Joie Yin


A poet is loved for his writings

An artist is worshipped for his paintings


What am I being loved for?


A poet needs an inspiration to write

A singer needs voice to complement a melody


Love is what I need to live.

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The Little Deed

By Joie Yin in True Story | Reads: 1,151 | Likes: 0

Joie was counting her coins one night when she accidentally dropped twenty cents on the floor.   Twenty!   She recalled back on an incident which happened two years ago; an eventful day on her journey home from college. A day she will never forget that happened on her very own birthday. &n  Read More...

Published on Aug 26,2017 06:21 PM

Puppy Love?

By Joie Yin in Romance | Reads: 6,457 | Likes: 0

It is funny to think of how people would define the word 'love' in their own ways. Some said 'love is blind', some defined it as an affection towards something or someone, yada yada. For me, I can say that I cannot define love with words. It takes time to know what love is exactly. Once it hurts, it  Read More...

Published on Aug 20,2017 02:32 PM

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