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A Mother's Journey : Multitasking from Home
By Sebrinah Yeo in True Story | Reads: 1,371 | Likes: 0
A mother's journey comprises of many adventures and unexpected turns of events. However one of the many would be the expectations that the public projects and expects a mother to outperform herself.  Based on a true story of me. I used to work in a huge corporation from Korea. I was based in th  Read More...
Published on Aug 19,2017 04:17 PM
Much ado about nothing
By Thavamalar a/p Candasamy in True Story | Reads: 322 | Likes: 0
As i am sitting here, i ponder on realities of life. What would you do if you are resigned to 10 years of sitting. No big hardship to sit. It is not an exercise in hardship at all. Come on, how difficult can that be! I dare you. Can you sit for two hours on a decent chair. Backs straight mind you. I  Read More...
Published on Aug 25,2017 07:16 AM
How Music Have Changed My Life
By Brian Soon in True Story | Reads: 1,445 | Likes: 0
In my life, there are quite a few things that have changed my life. These things are very meaningful to me and teach me valuable lessons to be a better person in the society. However, I am going to emphasise on one of the things that influenced me the most in my life, music.   I have started to  Read More...
Published on Aug 25,2017 08:57 PM
The Foreign Language
By Christina Wong Xiauna in True Story | Reads: 1,870 | Likes: 0
I was never really good in Mandarin. Ah, who am I kidding? My Mandarin was horrible, deplorable, atrocious, and sometimes incomprehensible. Growing up speaking nothing but English at home, Mandarin was considered foreign to me. Up until the age of eight, keeping up was never much of a problem becaus  Read More...
Published on Aug 26,2017 11:00 AM
The Little Deed
By Joie Yin in True Story | Reads: 1,151 | Likes: 0
Joie was counting her coins one night when she accidentally dropped twenty cents on the floor.   Twenty!   She recalled back on an incident which happened two years ago; an eventful day on her journey home from college. A day she will never forget that happened on her very own birthday. &n  Read More...
Published on Aug 26,2017 06:21 PM
Nine Lives
By Nora Natasya in True Story | Reads: 2,574 | Likes: 0
            Living with nine lives may be one of your common beliefs about us. Yesterday and the other days, me and my best friend Brown used to take it as a joke and laughed about how stupid and how petty humans’ mind for creating this kind of myth. What they thi  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2017 10:42 PM
The girl and the bird
By Nur Saiyidatul Hajar binti Zaini in True Story | Reads: 2,166 | Likes: 0
This is a true story that happened to me when I was on my way to have iftar with my friends at a local restaurant outside of our campus. After the yellow van dropped us outside of the gate, we made our way to the restaurant that Lili want us to try, saying that the service is fast, the foods are del  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2017 01:13 AM
By Chong Chien Chien in True Story | Reads: 372 | Likes: 0
Title: Regrets  Steven stood stationary in front of his father’s tomb, followed by a sudden gust of wind deep into his lungs. He closed his eyes, ogling at the grave, till he was unable to balance himself. He knelt in front of the tomb, weeping hard. Tears trickled down his cheeks, and as  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2017 03:27 PM
It is not the only choice you have
By Aryanna in True Story | Reads: 395 | Likes: 0
I am nineteen years old and will be pursuing my degree in law or in other words, L.L.B (Hons) on 11th of September 2017. As most of you would have known, pursuing my studies in law will be a roller coaster journey will numerous obstacles in line so why did i choose to read law? Do i really want to b  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2017 06:49 PM
I am mixed
By Ry Lee in True Story | Reads: 6,842 | Likes: 0
My name is Ry Lee, I was born in Malaysia on the 16th of July in 2002 and I’m mixed race. So, what are you? The question that can terrorize me beyond terror, instantly put me on the spot – the sudden panic pulsing through my mixed blood containing a jumbled medley of genes. I get this qu  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2017 08:32 PM
My Life A Fairytale
By Harkiran Kaur in True Story | Reads: 512 | Likes: 0
I stared at my computer screen wondering what should I write, since I'm a person with many real life experience stories from sad to happy, exciting to unbeliveable and as my thoughts when through my memory bank, I decided to dig up my memory file about my favourite growing up bed times stories and h  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:22 PM
The Wedding Gift
By Gerald Tan Lye Sern in True Story | Reads: 800 | Likes: 0
On this very day, when she finally became one with her beloved, she received a gift; a gift which was so peculiar that no one else would thought of giving. Nevertheless, she had no doubt as to who had gifted her this extraordinary present.   Tracing back to 13 years ago, way before the Penang T  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2017 07:00 PM
The Unexpected.
By Choong Lee Ann in True Story | Reads: 1,255 | Likes: 0
Do you ever have this... Opportunity that you wanted to take but didn't? Then later on, you regret not doing it because chances are, that opportunity never came back to you. I'm sure everyone has had something of this sort happen to them, I have too. I had the opportunity to save a life. But I let i  Read More...
Published on Sep 3,2017 02:52 PM
By Yong Wei Ling in True Story | Reads: 616 | Likes: 0
"Mom, what is the red tiny things on my forehead?" I ask my mum during my high school days. It's was my first time having a pimple.  "It's a pimple and that's mean you are growing up" my mum said. I was so curious and I keep my eyes on that tiny little things on my forehead and trying to get ri  Read More...
Published on Aug 30,2017 01:08 PM
The Bittersweet
By Yasleh Hani Wati Mat Yassin in True Story | Reads: 1,038 | Likes: 0
A second class lower degree with a CGPA of 2.425 is nothing to be proud of to most people; why, to some it even means nothing short of embarrassing and is something to be ashamed off. Although I would have loved it if I have had the opportunity to graduate with a higher class and CGPA, the degree I   Read More...
Published on Aug 30,2017 04:48 PM
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