I Quit My Job... So What Now?
By Teh Sue Peng in General Literary | Reads: 812 | Likes: 0
“Boss, do you have a minute?” “Yeah, sure.” My rear end found its way to the seat across him. He turned towards me and gave me a welcoming look. He looked particularly calm that day, for no apparent reason.   “Uhm… I have something for you“. I took ou  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:28 PM
She Remembered
By Lee Ching Ching in Horror | Reads: 668 | Likes: 0
She remembered the night she became a dragon. She remembered the way the wind rushed between her glittered scales, how it flowed over her sinuous body. She remembered the streams of liquid fire that fell from her great maw onto the endless oceans below, sizzling into billows of steam. She remembered  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:27 PM
By Chong Sue Yin in General Literary | Reads: 827 | Likes: 0
Lina starts carrying extra bandages around with her.   A gash here, a scrape there, life after the meteors doesn’t come without its injuries. But Lina doesn’t just carry the bandages to help close wounds. She carries it to remind herself that sometimes there will be people she won&r  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:26 PM
Me and Her
By Navadharini Sunder in True Story | Reads: 545 | Likes: 0
With doubt all over my face, “Do I look nice in this dress?” I ask. She frowns and the creases on her forehead makes her look funny. “You look fat! Have u thought of liposuction?” I feel like my world is shattered to pieces and the tick-tock of my room clock seems deafening.   Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:25 PM
Pink Pure
By Siti Anisah in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 566 | Likes: 0
"Give it back!" "No!" "Eriiiiic!" The boy sneers at the girl, throwing the pink crayon to the air then catches the short crayon in his palm in ease. The girl is too short to catch, too little for a seven-year-old height to jump to the height of thirteen years old boy, which is still in growing ph  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:24 PM
The Tea Server
By Mahya Abolmasoomi in General Literary | Reads: 1,541 | Likes: 0
I believe it is accurate to say that Iranians have more tea running through their veins than blood. Perhaps for many it has even replaced water. To take away an Iranian’s tea is like taking away a Malaysian’s belacan (shrimp paste). It is the very essence of their existence and identity.  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:23 PM
By Angela Roselyn Anthony in Romance | Reads: 2,080 | Likes: 0
"Thank you." "What?" He asked. "I said thank you." A little louder this time. He looked at me as if I just grew another head, "What for? I haven't done anything special, have I?" Now it's my turn to look at him like he just grew another head. "Yes, you have. You made her whole again. Did you kno  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:23 PM
My Life A Fairytale
By Harkiran Kaur in True Story | Reads: 512 | Likes: 0
I stared at my computer screen wondering what should I write, since I'm a person with many real life experience stories from sad to happy, exciting to unbeliveable and as my thoughts when through my memory bank, I decided to dig up my memory file about my favourite growing up bed times stories and h  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:22 PM
Quest: World No. 1 Singer-Songwriter
By Ctulhu in Fantasy | Reads: 924 | Likes: 0
Hi, my name is Sarah. I was 20 years old, a Dean-list student in pharmaceutical department, having slightly tanned skin and ermmm, what most people called as perfect curve. Yes, exactly as what you were thinking,I was… And it all started with that DING! DING. Main quest activated  : Bec  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:19 PM
By Bernice Kok in Romance | Reads: 6,056 | Likes: 0
Almost. A word so often used to portray hope and faith. An anticipation of something that is about to occur.   The First   We met the first day of high school, both fresh-faced (acne-filled, even) and wonderstruck by the endless possibilities of what the future held for our young souls. I  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:17 PM
Living In with My Best Friend
By Kamala in Fantasy | Reads: 2,534 | Likes: 0
I stare down at the floor; red blood drops on bright white tiles, making a trail from the bedroom to the living room. She must have walked from bedroom to call her husband sitting in the living room. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:13 PM
By Gerald Wee Eng Kian in Romance | Reads: 1,136 | Likes: 0
I stood in a dusty and barren valley, a light cloud of haze hung in the air. The crops had failed with the absent rain, the long drought having felled many of the citrus trees and stunted the rest. Where once was green and gold with grasses and flowers, there now lay a dust bowl. Having fully surv  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:12 PM
Hold Your Breath
By Gie Mei Teh in General Literary | Reads: 6,821 | Likes: 0
I often think about that particular commute to the heart of the city, my city. Three years and many commutes in, I could still remember every single detail of that day. How the trees danced to the wind, the odour, the rocks, how the track winded, the emptiness of the compartment at that time of the   Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:03 PM
The Sofreh Cleaner
By Mahya Abolmasoomi in General Literary | Reads: 2,156 | Likes: 0
Glossary Sofreh (Farsi) – A large piece of cloth that is laid on the floor to serve food on. Guests will sit around it on the floor during meal times. The sofreh can also be found in plastic or disposable paper forms. Nooshe jan (Farsi) – Bon appetit, usually a reply to “daste sho  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 09:03 PM
The Story of My Unsual Life
By aidil harith in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 562 | Likes: 0
Prologue Ok I admit, I am a movie God. How do I conclude that? From my earlier interview which I am about to share with you. At first glance, you’d wonder if I actually did go mental but after a while you’d see the logic behind it and admittedly it worked if the pieces were put in the   Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 08:52 PM