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காலம் கடந்த காதல்
By karuthamma in Romance | Reads: 152 | Likes: 6
               அன்று ஏப்ரல் 6 , பள்ளியின் இறுதி நாள். பன்னிரெண்டாம் வகுப்பு பொதுத் தேர்வு முடித்துவிட்டு ந  Read More...
Published on May 12,2020 09:03 PM
The soul to my poetry
By Darakshan Shaikh in Poetry | Reads: 194 | Likes: 6
Though we have parted ways, U don't care for me anyway. But u will always be the one that I'll ever need, But still it's over I'll never plead. All that I could do was to feel the heartache, And even after knowing u Never cared, that made my heart break.   I started loosing myself while holding  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 03:25 PM
Kabhi yaad Na karna muje
By ARyan Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 176 | Likes: 6
Mat yad karna mujhe kahin To khud se dur Na Ho jaaye Un khoobsurat yaado mein kahin To kho Na jaaye...         kitna khush-naseeb  vo Kal tha hamara kahin hamen yad karte karte tujhe khud se nafrat Na Ho jaaye, Han khush rahe lunga main Tere Bina      &n  Read More...
Published on Apr 28,2020 11:58 PM
Life and corona
By Ashu Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 532 | Likes: 6
Not to ask the visitors in  Is not the part of our culture  To while time away stretching out whole day Is not in our nature   A small virus corona has disrupted the life  Working from home brought close husband and wife  Human race is afraid of knocking the tiny virus   Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 03:10 PM
Curve of your lips
By Udita Saroha in Romance | Reads: 351 | Likes: 6
It was a humid afternoon in August when their paths first met. He was shy and blushed almost at everything. She was fierce and vocal. He noticed her but for her he was just another he. Destiny played it's notorious trick when in the second semester they were both moved to the same section. This shif  Read More...
Published on Jun 2,2020 12:31 AM
By divya viswanathan in Poetry | Reads: 140 | Likes: 6
I can miss everthing but not my mother Do you think anyone is ready to miss there  mother? I am sure no If you can forgot her care for you, Let there be no day in my life. I miss my mother because i can't get another, Let ther be no day in my life like you. Near the gate she waits for me like a  Read More...
Published on Jun 28,2020 01:24 PM
Ab Ibaadat Nhi
By Kaushal prasad in Poetry | Reads: 275 | Likes: 6
Baaten kam hone lagi he unse Mulakato ka to sawaal nhi Nazren jo milate the unse Ab un nazro ka deedar nhi Chahaten aaj vi utni he unse Chahten aaj vi utni he unse Par jataane ka khayaal nhi  Duriyan badhti ja rahi he unse Fasle mitane ki cahaht nhi Galtiya hoti ja rahi he unse Maaf karne ki   Read More...
Published on Mar 28,2020 04:16 PM
Half a Thief
By Prarthana J in General Literary | Reads: 331 | Likes: 6
He was six and already a man.  Smoke from the crude kerosene lamp stings his eyes and makes the baby cry. The three year old twins rub their’s till they turn a startling red. The older boy and girl would not come home for many months, years perhaps. They were paying off a debt by cracking  Read More...
Published on Apr 21,2020 10:03 PM
You + Me = Us
By Sneha in Romance | Reads: 243 | Likes: 6
The concept of “you” and “me” turning to “us” is exceptionally beautiful.  The prose of “us” is extra ordinarily captivating.  The rhythm of “our” heartbeat is soothingly serene.  The tune to the song “we” sing is  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 03:52 PM
Lost Alone
By Zainab Raees in Poetry | Reads: 131 | Likes: 6
There are days, When my words leave me. When nothing about me feels familiar, When my own thoughts seem foreign. There are days which are quiet, The soft fall of rain on a lonely street, And I seem to be the only one watching it pour. I seem to be the only one listening. The Kodaline music,from a fr  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 01:17 AM
मेरा अकेला पन
By nishant kumar soni in Poetry | Reads: 493 | Likes: 6
                   आज मैं कितना अकेला      चूभ रहा  मेरे दिल , मे कोइ कांटा ,            कोइ नही पास म  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 05:32 PM
By fawaz in Poetry | Reads: 344 | Likes: 6
Popped an Orange Sunshine into the Lingua, the clouds were passing meteoric, those squint ones were closed, those hallucinatory ones suddenly opened. I could feel the Stars & the Planets around me. There was a twin flame, that affectionate one whom, didn't abandon me. He loved me, he gave me a C  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 11:11 PM
Lessons Learnt OR NO ??
By Seema Benedict in General Literary | Reads: 113 | Likes: 6
LIVE TO GIVE NATURE’S bounteous gifts don’t come with price tags coz they’re priceless. The mountains, the valleys, the oceans , the seas, the flora and the fauna take our breath away and we travel miles to unwind in its midst. We breathe in the fragrance, absorb the colour, sooth  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 12:10 PM
By Doel Biswas in Poetry | Reads: 115 | Likes: 6
  (Written after reading about assaults on doctors even during these times) Listen to me, ye of little faith Let me show you the path of moksh Let me lead you to the Gods In their temples and mosques and churches Let me read to you from the scriptures The vedas, the korans and the bibles Let  Read More...
Published on Jul 26,2020 01:47 AM
Spring in Kashmir
By nisar Ahmad wani in Poetry | Reads: 688 | Likes: 6
Flowers get their charm. Birds start their twittering. It is spring in Kashmir. It is spring in Kashmir. Animals come out from their habitats. Humans come out from their homes. It is spring in Kashmir. It is spring in Kashmir. Childerns are blooming like flowers. Farmers are glowing like Pearls. It   Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 07:44 PM