Sunny Dhondkar

Writer. IIT Bombay, MEC E.
Writer. IIT Bombay, MEC E.

Sunny Dhondkar is a student at IIT Bombay. He has been writing since his 9th grade and is the author of two books:1. The JEE2. Theory Vs. Theories The JEE was launched on the Christmas of 2019. This book has the main goal of teaching students special techniques to study for IIT JEE.These techniques are of 'Out of this World' level and turned out to be highly efficient and effective.This book also went on the #1 Bestseller in IIT JEE charts of Amazon, in its beginning days. Theory Vs. Theories was launched when Sunny was in his 10th grade.It was promoted by Chetan Bhagat on a special occasRead More...


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Have you ever thought that statistics can be used to learn the colours of precipitates? What if I say that you only need a phone, earphones and a mood to learn chemical reactions? This is only a tiny part of what the book has to offer, to make your JEE preparation easier. In his book, The JEE, Sunny talks about the problems as small as being disturbed by whispering students in a study room to significant ones like solving the toughest question of JEE Advance

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Theory vs. Theories

Books by Sunny Dhondkar

In science, answering ‘What’ is simpler than answering ‘Why’. Humans have been learning new things and gaining knowledge about the universe for thousands of years, but the reason behind their existence, the beginning of the universe and the ultimate fate of the both are still concealed. Who was the first person? Where did living things come from? All these questions were unanswerable a couple of centuries ago, but Charles Darwin in 1859 gave us a huge

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The Loop of Preventing the Loop.

By Sunny Dhondkar in Mystery | Reads: 1,044 | Likes: 6

Sleeping in his room, he felt a jerk.Sunny opened his eyes and had a glimpse of his wristwatch. 2 am, the digital watch signified. When he checked around his bed, he saw a blurry image of a man standing at his front. The person was standing still. His face was not clear to Sunny since he was still b  Read More...

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By Sunny Dhondkar in Poetry | Reads: 395 | Likes: 1

I saw this poor child, strolling along the street. Cheerful, he was, though had insufficient to eat. His mom had no money to buy lights or a lantern. But the elation in his steps could set a happy daisy to burn. Seeing the glory in his eyes, by watching others in joy, makes me remember: Diwali was  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 01:25 PM

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