Permanent Address
By payal in Poetry | Reads: 107 | Likes: 3
my grandfather tells me aboutall the poems he wrote at the times of distress and how those poems helped him to overcome the sadness. he tells me how our generation has forgottento seek the serenity of mind. so, i am writing this poemto fix your broken torsos with colored threadsand bind it with tran  Read More...
Published on Apr 8,2020 08:58 PM
By Ashu Sharma in Fantasy | Reads: 282 | Likes: 3
 Bullying   Jim is only child of Tom and Julia. He is twelve years old. Now he is in fifth grade. When he was younger, he had been very shy. But when he was sent to school, there was a change.  he had grown out of that and became quite extrovert and confident. He had even joined in al  Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 11:22 PM
Poem series about-fruit of success, dhoni, Teacher
By sathviga in Poetry | Reads: 275 | Likes: 3
Fruit of success.....   Success is not a straight path, Which has meandered into something called failure, Which has coiled into something called confusion,  Which has an energy drink called confidence,  Which has an injury called problem, Which has a medicine called family, With an o  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 08:42 PM
हमारे रक्षक
By Bhawana lal in Poetry | Reads: 156 | Likes: 3
धन्य है वे लोग सौजन्य है वे लोग, जो करते हैं हमारी रक्षा जान अपनी जोखिम में डालकर करते है अपना फ़र्ज अदा अरे कुछ तो शर्  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 05:59 PM
আরণ্যক প্রকৃতির মাঝে ঘাটশিলা
By Kaushik Chakraborty in Travel | Reads: 786 | Likes: 3
আজ থেকে বছর দুয়েক আগের কথা, তখন আমি সদ্য সদ্য কলেজের দ্বিতীয় বর্ষে উঠেছি। ঠিক এমন সময় বাবা একদিন বললেন "একটা কাজের প  Read More...
Published on Jun 9,2020 12:25 PM
The crisis
By Cyril Vincent Roche in General Literary | Reads: 185 | Likes: 3
Crisis The entire human species is under total or partial lock down for a reason. This will stop only if we humans would Stop and take a break. When we take a break and look back at the history we will find various warnings that the mother earth has given us. 2020 can be seen as the pinnacle of all   Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 01:57 PM
Love undefined
By Dr.Rugma in General Literary | Reads: 108 | Likes: 3
Four legged furry ball knocked my door every day,like an alarm clock she showed up with her rumbling ways. Her subtle touch made me forget those sad days. Angels come to us in different ways the same way you came to me as a ray of hope in my darkest days. On all those days when life was stuck with u  Read More...
Published on Aug 9,2020 06:11 PM
The battle of cancer
By Anmol malhotra in True Story | Reads: 262 | Likes: 3
Its about 10 o clock in the morning when i was having my lunch with my parents....i am not able to eat my meal properly from a long days back  Tht day also the samething happens father and mother scolded me like other parents on not eating food , but no one knowns my inner situation even i  Read More...
Published on May 6,2020 11:27 AM
My Year With My Boss
By SHIKHA SHARMA in Poetry | Reads: 236 | Likes: 3
It's been a good one you see, My year with the Boss  Is all I can recount and feel. I will go back and begin once again How it was in the beginning  And now, how it is so again ! I moved on to a new big firm Which was old and not dilly - dally With a boss who was there to check and hold! H  Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 12:30 AM
By Ananya Malhotra in Poetry | Reads: 96 | Likes: 3
      CELEBRATE BIODIVERSITY!  Fluttering of trees, through the gentle breeze,  Pacifies my soul, but its benefits but its efforts never cease.  It spreads its benefits all around,  And makes everyone, with itself, bound!  The twilight and the sun's golden bl  Read More...
Published on Jun 18,2020 03:44 PM
listen, If you can, Stay
By Harshita in Poetry | Reads: 266 | Likes: 3
                                         Listen, If you can, Stay I know people cannot be together  For very long these days  Then “we are not meant to be” is what they say.  Read More...
Published on Apr 8,2020 11:12 PM
हमारी अनमोल जैव विविधता
By Ananya Malhotra in Poetry | Reads: 105 | Likes: 3
         हमारी अनमोल जैव विविधता । सृष्टी में ही ईश्वर है, और ईश्वर में ही सृष्टि है। करना चाहिए ईश्वर की भांति   Read More...
Published on Jun 18,2020 03:46 PM
By Sangeetha sankarram in Mystery | Reads: 364 | Likes: 3
Suddenly when a person opens the door sees a young girl was left out with huge amount of blood emitting from her head. She was half conscious and was remembering about her life with her parents. Her name Meera, she was in her teen age.  The person lifts her up and takes her to the nearby hospit  Read More...
Published on Mar 31,2020 11:47 AM
Learning the hard way
By ANWESHA DEB in General Literary | Reads: 214 | Likes: 3
Learning the hard way “Mina masi  please. Just five minutes more. It’s Sunday today.” Said Riya with half closed eyes. Riya, daughter of advocate Saikat Mukherjee and Sromona Mukherjee was a girl of class six in South Point school Kolkata. Mina masi, their maid for 20 year, an  Read More...
Published on Apr 17,2020 05:11 PM
By santhoshkrishnan in Poetry | Reads: 143 | Likes: 3
m.g.r a small biography of the book publishing to the notion press to one small biography of mgr 27 pages on the books.  Read More...
Published on Jun 25,2020 09:57 AM