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Darakshan Shaikh

A psyschology student. Loves to write whatever I feel.
A psyschology student. Loves to write whatever I feel.


By Darakshan Shaikh in General Literary | Reads: 118 | Likes: 3

In the world full of perfection, I want someone to embrace all my flaws and imperfection...... At some point in our life we feel that we are messy, imperfect, flawed and at that moment all that we need is Someone to come and accept us the way we are. Love us with all their might and encourage us t  Read More...

Published on Apr 15,2020 06:47 PM

The soul to my poetry

By Darakshan Shaikh in Poetry | Reads: 222 | Likes: 6

Though we have parted ways, U don't care for me anyway. But u will always be the one that I'll ever need, But still it's over I'll never plead. All that I could do was to feel the heartache, And even after knowing u Never cared, that made my heart break.   I started loosing myself while holding  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 03:25 PM

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