LGBTQ- beautiful souls
By ujjwal tyagi in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0
Why not to pride on your own, If you choose to love a soul, Rather than choosing a body , You have listen of your own, This world will speak on your back, Bark done by the rest, And make humours on loving people of same sex , Because this world is full of literate not educated people And they will l  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 09:08 PM
Child's security!
By Sana Malhotra in General Literary | Reads: 92 | Likes: 0
A child goes to school everyday to learn and grow. He understands school as his second home. He trusts the teachers. He trusts everyone present in school. Question is about the child's security. A child is sent to school with full trust on teachers and the school system. A child thinks first from hi  Read More...
Published on Aug 25,2020 11:30 PM
पाक-पकिजा पैगाम
By keshav sharma in Poetry | Reads: 321 | Likes: 0
आहिस्ता आब-ए-चश्म आली हुए ।आशुफता में सहज अल्फाज भी खाक हुए ।इज्तिराब इताव इल्लत में कई आलिम खाक हुए ।इतम इमान इबार  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 10:32 PM
घर मुझे पहचानते हो..?
By SUSHMA SINHA in Poetry | Reads: 117 | Likes: 0
सुन.. ओ घर मुझे पहचानते हो कभी रहता था पहरों दूर तुझसे आज बैठा हूँ मैं आगोश में तेरे क्या तुम मुझे जानते हो ओ घर मुझे प  Read More...
Published on Mar 26,2020 01:44 AM
By IRIS GREY in General Literary | Reads: 160 | Likes: 0
What they grew out of, she grew into.. Wrapped in memories and her warmest shawl, she sat in her porch. Her feeble, bent frame, crouched insignificantly in the large rocking chair. The scratched surface and the chipped wood, resonated a camraderie of years. Her wrinkled, sagging yellowed skin , a sh  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 02:51 PM
A day, in someone's shoes
By Sangeeth in True Story | Reads: 147 | Likes: 0
An alarm is set to be unset -is the coming of age mystic mantra. That day was no different, I sort of dismantled my alarm and started rolling over, on my cosy bed. Slowly and reluctantly, I uncovered my face only to get a glimpse of the glowing and radiant sun peaking above the horizon, out of my w  Read More...
Published on Mar 30,2020 05:18 PM
By Avaya Kumar Panda in General Literary | Reads: 105 | Likes: 0
God is not there in a statue of wood or stone or some dead material .He is in acceptance and feelings. He appears and exists wherever , he is accepted to exist and worshipped. There is no greater religion and virtue like sympathy,  Compassion, kindness or mercy.... Jay Jagannath  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 02:12 AM
What about me?
By parijat in General Literary | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0
Yes. She had no idea. Ofcourse, she had no clue. It's crazy.  How everything that felt blissful was only breaking Patty down.  The ring was still on her finger, shining like a full moon on that dark day. However, it didn't feel same to Patty. It was a reminder to her situation. Sitting ins  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 12:31 AM
To the one who was always getting away
By Sai Tharun in Romance | Reads: 89 | Likes: 0
To the one that was always getting away, I've known you almost half my life now, and from day 1 of knowing you, i don't believe I ever held you even once thinking you were mine to hold. When we met, you were this bright little bundle of energy, talking the randomest things on Facebook chat with me.   Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 06:19 AM
Me & schizophrenia part 1
By Hima.D in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Me & schizophrenia pt.1//. I wake up on a pool of sweat, screaming; I can't stop screaming. Mom runs to my room ; anxious .  She hugs me asking me to calm down. Pushing her away,  I run out of the house. I keep running and running to shut the laughing voices inside my head. I bang my h  Read More...
Published on Apr 16,2020 11:59 AM
The War at Hand
By Tanya Brooks in Poetry | Reads: 150 | Likes: 0
I had strolled out, After days. Which seemed likes centuries, If I had my way. I wished to see... The cars, the poeple. To hear the noise And be a part of the entertainment. Alas! My dreams were squashed To a mere zilch. And somehow I felt a pinch. A pinch of reality. It made me see the pain, the   Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 01:25 PM
A bridge between two souls
By in Poetry | Reads: 99 | Likes: 0
There exists a bridge between You and I And I travel across it To reach to you each day. This bridge remains invisible In the world governed by reality Glad that it is non-existent! In a world marred by evil eyes It remains invisible to naked eyes In love with concrete images And I did the right By  Read More...
Published on Apr 27,2020 07:34 AM
By Priya Israni in Thriller | Reads: 108 | Likes: 0
“We should rather go to coffee shop!!” she insisted. Well, they were meeting for the first time. Hi!…. The conversation started online, he was unknown to her and she was unknown to this new world. Soon, they got used to each other, continuing to converse day and night. She loved t  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 07:26 PM
A Hidden Gem in the Aravallis
By Koyela Barman in Travel | Reads: 143 | Likes: 0
The best time to visit Rajasthan is during Christmas. No blazing sun, no discomfort, hence it is the right time to plan a trip there. Rajasthan had been there on our bucket list for a long time, so this time we thought of giving it a shot. First, we boarded a flight to Jaipur and stationed there for  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 11:42 AM
Mother’s Day Month
By preeti patil in True Story | Reads: 113 | Likes: 0
Little did I know that this little thing is going to get back the magic in my life. For last three years my attempt since the time I have got married and started living on my own terms I always thought easy things don’t bring change in life but today I was proved wrong with something in the ph  Read More...
Published on May 15,2020 01:50 PM