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Vidya Devadas Nair

Re-Start- A second chance to life

By Vidya Devadas Nair in Poetry | Reads: 137 | Likes: 0

Amidst the chaos, the mind finds it's solitude. What meant to be the end-note, Re-winds back to the prelude. Blissful moments that forgot their way, Managed to knock-out the tears, that mocked their stay. Swirling with the wind, Swaying with the breeze, Never before was life ever at this ease. Right  Read More...

Published on Jul 3,2020 10:04 AM

A cry from the ashes

By Vidya Devadas Nair in Poetry | Reads: 172 | Likes: 1

The fire in my heart, that you shun down by your vows, is now at peace, far away from friends, far away from foes, one more to add to the legacy of sorrow, as the saying goes. All I wanted from you is to listen, so that I could give life a chance, But you stood far away as a silent spectator, rejoi  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2020 02:26 PM

An innocent wounded heart

By Vidya Devadas Nair in True Story | Reads: 312 | Likes: 2

8 year old Nonu was just like any other girl child; innocent, happy and full of life. At a tender age, she too had her fears, like the fear of darkness, the fear of sleeping alone, the fear of being on her own and much more. It was not because she wasn’t brave. It was just the age. Naturally y  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2020 11:31 AM

Quarantine ke pal

By Vidya Devadas Nair in Poetry | Reads: 172 | Likes: 1

Aaj pata chala ghar me aata kahan rakha hai, Kitchen ki almari ke dusre maale par jhaankar dekka, Toh pata chala, ki do mahine pehele kharida hua besan, Abhi bhi vaise ka vaisa hai. Jab bartan dhone gayi toh kamzor vim ka tukda mila, Woh bai bhi kitni mahan thi, jo us bechare sabun ko ghis ghis kar   Read More...

Published on Jun 8,2020 11:02 AM

A Birthday Blast

By Vidya Devadas Nair in General Literary | Reads: 161 | Likes: 1

It was 11:55.p.m in the night and Akira standing on the middle of the road had no clue what was happening to her life. Half an hour ago, she got a text message asking her to immediately come out of her house and walk towards the dead end. It’s been around 10 minutes and she is still 1 km awa  Read More...

Published on Jun 4,2020 02:06 PM

Aksar apne khwabon mein

By Vidya Devadas Nair in Poetry | Reads: 195 | Likes: 1

Aksar apne khwabon mein, Hum tumhare aks ko mehsoos kiya karte the! Socha tha, Tum na sahi toh tumhari aks hi sahi! Kayi martaba usi mein hum apne wajood ko dhoonda karte the, Magar us raat ki bhi subah hui, Jab jhoot aur fareb ka naqab hata diya, Toh jalte hue khwabon ke raakh mile! Dard-e-dil is q  Read More...

Published on May 27,2020 05:29 PM


By Vidya Devadas Nair in General Literary | Reads: 558 | Likes: 2

“We are going live in 5…4…3…2…and!” With this final cue, the spotlights are on, all the technicians are on board, and the three esteemed judges seated with pride are ready for the kill. Today AJD theatre is all out in the open. The excitement levels are sky-hi  Read More...

Published on May 22,2020 06:04 PM

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