Life in a bookshelf
By Arun Dev Kumar in General Literary | Reads: 135 | Likes: 0
And through the enfeebling of the once crisp pages, Spoke out the words lost in time: “Alas ! You have found me.  I am the memory that you wasted away in lore & myths. I am your present, buried in these dusty withered sheets” — Arun Dev Kumar  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 08:17 AM
let the rain speak....
By pal in Poetry | Reads: 132 | Likes: 0
barsate aksr rato ko behd haseen bnadeti h suraj ki kirno se zada jvan bekrar krdeti h , lafz nhi h is barsat k mausam ki Khoobsurati ko byan krne ko , y mitti ki mehk kuch deewana sa krr rhi h , mere hotho ki khamoshi ko  tumhare kaano m byan krr rhi h. yeh baadlo se ghira asman kuch is trh ch  Read More...
Published on Mar 26,2020 02:58 AM
It’s Life
By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 130 | Likes: 0
It's life Good or bad Happy or sad It's life Come, hold me tight Love you, don't fight Believe me You are my passion You are my desire It's life Don't walk alone Don’t fret, don't frown Smile and laugh Sing and dance Come, hold me tight Love you, don't fight It's life Feel my heartbeat My love  Read More...
Published on Mar 30,2020 06:08 PM
कटु सत्य
By deepshikha sharma in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
तू क्यूँ रोता रे पगले जब जानता सब मिट जाना है इस छोटी सी ज़िन्दगी में क्या रोना पछतांना है शरीर बना है मिट्टी का  जो   Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 04:28 AM
By Priya Ranjan in Poetry | Reads: 84 | Likes: 0
Quarantine... The word I heard for the first time,  Lockdown... Something that I am. Seeing for the first time,  Saudade... is what I am feeling for the first time,   So many firsts to tackle all at once.  If karma is the reason for everything,  I understand isolation  Read More...
Published on Apr 8,2020 03:37 AM
प्यार की नाराज़गी
By Jyoti Choudhary in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0
दूर जाकर भी तुम मुझसे दूर नहीं,  मैं तुम्हे ढुंढ लूँगी, चाहे तुम छुप लो कहीं।  जो कभी तुम हो जाओ मुझसे नाराज़ युँ ह  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 06:47 PM
An Actor's Dream
By Seerat in Poetry | Reads: 109 | Likes: 0
An Actor's Dream I dream to be ordinary, i am simple I want to remain that way Yes i always wanted to be noticed Wanted to stand out for what i do But not for how i look or am made to look Cause that's what is 'their' talent To make me look pretty But i don't just want to 'look' beautiful I want to  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 02:18 PM
By Divya Rai in Poetry | Reads: 177 | Likes: 0
“No more regrets,  no more complaints, no expectations, no aspirations”, said to myself, when I entered into my room; Lights were off silence prevailed, the shrieking loneliness sung a mournful tale... I kept them off... In the moments of decision, self-realization, I saw a vision w  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 08:43 AM
The introspection
By Richa Gimmy in True Story | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0
The True Saviour  This is a story about a man who did something that was unexpected from anyone. At a time when people were busy saving their lives and their belongings. There was a man who was different. This is based on the deluge in kerala back in 2018. The flood shook all the people due to   Read More...
Published on Apr 19,2020 09:36 PM
Crush to Lover
By Sukanya Borah in True Story | Reads: 88 | Likes: 0
Well i thought that after college I had to take my books and my belongings back with me but i became aware that I had to take my baggage of memories with me. He was our senior. A science student having computer science as his elective subject. He came in our class in the eve of Teachers' Day  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 07:53 PM
Party Night.
By Sakshi in Thriller | Reads: 131 | Likes: 0
these are the days  when no one cared  about the ceilings that were crackling the walls were too shattering paintings were dusty furniture went crooked and books were no longer opened and then there was me lying unmoved on the floor with two empty glasses looking around, I started thinkin  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 03:43 PM
एक तुम थी, एक मै था..
By Piyush Kene in Romance | Reads: 122 | Likes: 0
एक तुम थी,एक मै था, और आवारा अपनी जिंदगी.. एक हवा से सांस लेते थे,एक चॉकलेट बाट लेते थे,हाथ में हाथ थामे सारा शहर घूम ले  Read More...
Published on Jun 15,2020 11:33 PM
सोचा तो था
By ayushi kaushik in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0
सोचा तो था ... आज जो भी है दिल में मैं बोल दूंगी  अगर रिश्ता टूटे तो मैं तोड़ दूंगी  की फिर लौट कर पीछे नहीं देखूंगी द  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:20 PM
Value urself
By TAMANNA PARMAR in Poetry | Reads: 166 | Likes: 0
ना आंक अपनी कीमत तू औरो से कम , तू उठ , तू खड़ा हो , तू लड़ अपनी हर जंग।  गिरा दे तुम्हें ना मुश्किलों में है उतना दम , रख  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:02 PM
The Spark is in You.
By Prachi in Western | Reads: 192 | Likes: 0
Spark up from within Our interior man Is renewed day after day.     Psychology studies man as a whole unit. A man is divided in parts: body, will, mind, heart & spirit. Normally we go through life without being aware of the parts as separate. Even when conflict arises, he unifies all  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 08:23 AM