Yesterday and Today
By Dalia in Fantasy | Reads: 205 | Likes: 0
"I" ,the same person of different transitional periods met, “Yesterday" and "Today!"   Yesterday thought,” he was the wisest generation"; Today boasted,” he was the most intelligent generation!" But, both of them forgot,they were the "time-equivalent" of each other! And,what m  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 07:59 PM
By zishan khan in Romance | Reads: 168 | Likes: 0
fir sikh milii ki apne baare mai na btaye kisiko ki kya ho chuke h Fir ek baar naa to kisse ne smjha or naa hm  bta ske kisse ko ki kya ho chuke h hm  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 11:13 AM
She is the only one, my alwyas forever one...
By Sourav kumar in Fantasy | Reads: 509 | Likes: 0
After she blew up the candle, I promised to alwys hold her hand and that I will always keep her happy and smiling. She was nervous and was staring at me with her beautiful almond shaped Black eyes. she said that she too likes me and that she needs some time to understand love. sitting next to her, w  Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 09:55 AM
The parallel lines
By swastika kedia in Romance | Reads: 183 | Likes: 0
Tiya,go to the tuition as fast as u can,run or else u will be late - said the mom Tiya the main character of our story was a girl of her last year of school life ,she was heading towards her new tuition ,the tutor stayed next door. It was her first day a complicated day,she walked straight inside an  Read More...
Published on May 24,2020 09:56 PM
Love to evolve.
By vishwadeep Mane in True Story | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0
"Who knew that amidst all good things happening in your life, you find a person who could give you the freedom,  the freedom I have been looking for. For me freedom is liberation of myself where I am not judged, where i can be myself without any trepidation. Like all bengalis in my life, I had   Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 01:03 AM
By Piyush Kene in Poetry | Reads: 242 | Likes: 0
पाऊस म्हटला की मला फक्त तो पाऊस आठवतो, तुला आठवतं ?नविन शहरात, तुझ्या नविन जागी, जेव्हा  तुला पहिल्यांदा भेटायला  Read More...
Published on Jun 15,2020 11:58 PM
Love ❣️
By Neena Joseph in General Literary | Reads: 168 | Likes: 0
Deficiency of love is an incurable disease that affected lives                                                                      Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:53 PM
ஓரினசேர்க்கை அருவருப்பு! சுவி. பாபு T தாமஸ்
By Evg.Babu.T Thomas in General Literary | Reads: 455 | Likes: 0
ஓரினசேர்க்கை அருவருப்பு! சுவி. பாபு T தாமஸ் தேவனை அறியும் அறிவைப் பற்றிக் கொண்டிருக்க அவர்களுக்கு மனதில்லா  Read More...
Published on Jul 9,2020 08:35 PM
The Political Life
By Anbudan Miththiran in True Story | Reads: 257 | Likes: 0
The rich who have committed the crime will escape with their money. The poor do good. However the poor are the only victims... I can feel it. Who are those who work for the common good without selfishness? There is nothing in this world called public charity without selfishness. The most important   Read More...
Published on Jul 31,2020 05:34 AM
By sheeraza irani in Poetry | Reads: 494 | Likes: 0
I was happy at the year ending And all agog for new day coming Just the thing that startled me Was the thing that dominated the glee I turned around to seek out the reason Heard only name,that is Wuhan Wuhan,the city in country china And virus like to English, the shina The virus made itself so peri  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:03 PM
The Austerity of the Mind, The Fragility of the Soul!
By Janhavi in General Literary | Reads: 255 | Likes: 0
The mind says one  The heart says exactly opposite 10x In between these two worlds i sit here wondering if they can ever coexist! I know they can.. but on most days one feels right at times the other feels wrong and more often than not vica versa Many a times it seems like its all untangled fro  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 09:09 AM
By Trisha in Romance | Reads: 297 | Likes: 0
I knew it was doomed the moment I laid my eyes on him. Tall, tousled hair, that lopsided grin and the vile spark in those beautiful brown eyes. The way he stood, leaning against the wall, his demeanor, screamed "danger" as if beckoning me to run as far as possible never looking back. But it seemed t  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 11:22 PM
My Portrait By My Pen
By Sanjeev Gargish in Poetry | Reads: 242 | Likes: 0
Sometimes my pen behaves in a rather quirky manner. It just refuses my subjugation, wants to have it's own way.  My "कलम" (pen) has now decided to explore me, portray me. It has written the following composition, exclusively for me. Want to share it with my friends.    All those  Read More...
Published on Mar 29,2020 09:31 AM
By Saba Fatima in Poetry | Reads: 176 | Likes: 0
Conscience was not in Company when Sauntering on the road, placidly, I was struck by a malaise, And was walloped by an evil malediction. A raucous wind had started blowing, And it ravaged my psyche, My life suddenly became scruffy and saturnine, It turned me into a sedate, a psychopath, and I beca  Read More...
Published on Apr 8,2020 06:21 AM
Action & Reaction Formulate Social Distancing
By sanket ghodeswar in General Literary | Reads: 160 | Likes: 0
The minds of the downtrodden or marginalized community can easily be ignited on egotism is the perception of the politician so that they can elevate themselves to top position and to a large extent they are successful in implementing this action plan. The spider ejects its web so that prey can get t  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 06:54 PM