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Yeh Dil Mera
By preet chawla in True Story | Reads: 108 | Likes: 1
Yeh kahani hai ek khoobsurat pyaar ki hai,ap sab jaante hi ho ki yeh pyaar hai kya?yeh pyaar hota kya hai?yeh hota kaise hai?hum sab apne apne pyaar ki talash karte hai par hume wesa pyaar kabhi nahi mil pata. Toh fir! aao chalte hai yahi kahani ke pas yeh kaahani joh apne kahi suni nahi hogi jisme   Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 01:19 AM
My Lockdown Diaries
By Madhavi Sylesh in True Story | Reads: 143 | Likes: 0
I am a passionate art educator and a contemporary artist. The lockdown was a shock to me. I thought it would end in a day or 2, but it was extended and we are still in the lockdown. My mind was full of thoughts on our Annual Art Expo – Abracadabra, the magic unfolds, how we would do? In less t  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 04:43 AM
Breaking silence
By Priyanka in True Story | Reads: 111 | Likes: 1
It is natural for one to look up to their parents. To see their mother as epitome of care and father as the ultimate protector. No matter our differences or misunderstandings, this can never change. That was the exact reason that shook me to the core. Having read enough thrillers, dark fiction and a  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 03:01 PM
And I Never left
By Monalisa Roxwel Guje in True Story | Reads: 97 | Likes: 1
      Years ago, while teaching fourth grade, I was giving insrtuctions for a writing assignment. I described the usual format: capital letters and punctuation. I stated that this particular task would be about a person whom they admired, someone who was important to them. We spoke o  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 09:03 PM
By Kanishka Tuteja in True Story | Reads: 90 | Likes: 1
Many a times we think how different we've become! You're not the same girl/boy sitting on the first or second bench every morning, smiling at those new and fresh register, have those sparkling sharped pencils and with glasses, continously staring at the white boards! You realize you're a much differ  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 02:42 AM
The Great Indian Lockdown
By B.M. Kapoor in True Story | Reads: 148 | Likes: 1
‘Kya Corona ko hona hi tha?’ is the question on every one’s lips all over the world. The responses have varied. We Indians being different – we went into the world’s biggest lockdown in history with just four hours of notice. And thus spawned many stories about couples   Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 08:47 AM
Yours lovingly, Me
By Saumya Wadhawan in True Story | Reads: 207 | Likes: 3
It's said that human body is the best work of art. And the most liberating thing about this inricate piece of art and beauty is that you yourself are a beholder of it. This is the story of a girl being confident in her own body!!!! Yes!!! I don't have the perfect figure nor the perfect measurements   Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 02:23 PM
By Kangana in True Story | Reads: 89 | Likes: 0
You scream till you run out of breath. You scream till you can't scream again. Late in the night when the streetlights are on but there are no people in the street. Empty streets, dark nights were the horror movies for you. Tied up by the ropes, pinned by the glasses, blood dripping from your toes.   Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 03:39 PM
Miss Fortune
By Roshini Vasan in True Story | Reads: 451 | Likes: 6
Life is full of surprises and miracles. I didn’t believe in this until both of these happened intermittently in my life. And oh..I forgot another one...sacrifices. A major lesson of my life is no body is permanent in life that made me to live in reality without expectation as many people hanke  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 08:04 PM
I don't know love.
By Neha Dolia in True Story | Reads: 88 | Likes: 0
It is not always that you feel right, or find the Mr.right, or that the right things always stay, or that you understand the circumstances so clean. Back then, I was sixteen. An immature dumb kid. Immature to understand what love really means. It really takes a lifetime right? To find the right thin  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 11:23 PM
Maternity In Femininity
By Adrija Bandyopadhyay in True Story | Reads: 212 | Likes: 0
In context to 'Game Of Thrones’, Daenerys didn’t lay dragon eggs, but she was given the name, 'The Mother of Dragons’. She was called not just because she looked after the dragons or she said, “They are the only children I will ever have”, instead because she chose  Read More...
Published on May 1,2020 12:23 PM
Lockdown Trauma
By Soumi Paul in True Story | Reads: 182 | Likes: 0
It would be an injustice to these lockdown moments if I miss penning down them. So arranging the memories of the past one month and the time I am going through is a must-try. Tension started building up in our Bharathidasan University main campus when the first case of COVID-19 positive reported fro  Read More...
Published on May 1,2020 01:24 PM
By Bhagwat Singh Deora in True Story | Reads: 96 | Likes: 0
आप बस में सफ़र कर रहे हो और यकायक एक खूबसूरत व्यक्ति (व्यक्ति की पहचान आप अपने अपने जेन्डर के अनुसार सोच लीजिये), हाँ त  Read More...
Published on May 1,2020 01:34 PM
By Keerthana in True Story | Reads: 116 | Likes: 0
அப்பா,   எனக்கு உருவம் தந்தவரே… என்  உணர்வுகளுக்குச் சொந்தம் கொண்டாட நினைப்பவரே.. உன்னைப் பற்றி எழு  Read More...
Published on May 1,2020 03:17 PM
By Abhishek in True Story | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
14/Nov/2018                                   Here I'm sitting hopelessly with a scrumbeled heart full of shattered soul where  my mind decided not to make my heart-beat for anyone.And there my heart was   Read More...
Published on May 1,2020 04:08 PM