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B.M. Kapoor


The author B. M. Kapoor is a distinguished professional with more than three decades of service in the Army including action in two Indo-Pak Wars of 1965 and 1971, followed by two decades as a corporate trainer and consultant. He has trained over 3,500 executives from 75 organisations including ACC, Aditya Birla Group, CSC, Escorts, Hindalco, Mitsubishi, Nestle, Oberoi Group Hotels, ONGC, NTPC, Path Infotech, and Pepsi Frito-Lay. He has also taught MBA courses as a visiting professor at New Delhi YMCA Institute of Management Studies.   He has Masters Degrees from Madras University aRead More...


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Books by B M Kapoor

Cruising for pleasure has evolved over many years and is now an established industry satisfying the urge for travel of many people all over the world.

If you want to roam the world; if you want to have fine company and gourmet dishes; if you enjoy being pampered by the crew of a floating hotel; then this is what you should go for. 

An unputdownable historical travelogue of a fine industry. 

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Books by B. M. Kapoor

If you want to study the centuries old history of China;

If you want to visit the famous dig of Terracotta soldiers army at Xian;

If you want to see the wonderful Reed Flute Cave in Guilin;

Or you wish to visit the exotic places like Beijing or Shanghai;

For these and much more, you need to travel to China. 

An unputdownable travelogue-cum-historical of a unique country. 

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Books by B. M. Kapoor

Do you know Vietnam was called French Indochina after the French occupied it in 1858? Do you know it holds the second-highest number of world heritage sites in Southeast Asia?

If you want to see French colonial buildings, American-style boulevards, or the famous Cu Chi tunnels of the Viet Cong, Vietnam is the place to visit.

Welcome to A TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES. Read about the battles fought in Vietnam for over a hundred years, t

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Applied Skills

Books by B. M. Kapoor

Are you unable to see the other’s point of view? Do you want to be a better team player or a better leader? 

In this increasingly complex world, learning applied skills from case studies is a proven technique. Whether it is leadership skills or motivation of people, business development or relationships, development of subordinates or Industrial unrest; case studies in different environments help greatly in becoming successful. Attaining you

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Books by B. M. Kapoor

Fortune favours the brave who take chances and risks. In this increasingly complex world, happiness does not come easily, nor does success. The secret of life is to find the balance.

Success means the ability to attain your vision and achieve the goals that result in the future you have planned for yourself. Many people consider success as having a great career, wealth, and respect from peers. But prioritizing relationships, health and safety are some

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Thief on Rent

Books by B. M. Kapoor

On a dark cloudy night, a person clad in dark overalls silences the alarm and opens the safe to take out jewellery, and disappears in the night.

Priceless jewellery goes missing from a number of high-value clients at many locations. The police are puzzled as there are no clues left by the thieves.

Is it the handiwork of a determined individual or some master criminals?

A fast-paced tale of skulduggery you can’t put down….&n

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Business Gyan

Books by B. M. Kapoor


A young boy Vikram from a typical middle-class family had only seen hand-to-mouth existence since his childhood. He walked miles every day to run the family errands till his brother got him a second-hand cycle. He often felt the ‘dil maange more’ feeling. He dreamed of owning a sleek car and having spotted a Tesla, his quest for life began. For him, owning a Tesla car became a dream, a vision.


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The Sethi Family

Books by B. M. Kapoor

Bimla had been the head of the clan for over 30 years and no one from the family ever dared offer an opposite opinion to her. She was the perfect matriarch. Her hold over the family was unchallenged. The wheels started to turn with the arrival of her daughters-in-law.

Bimla was lying in the curtained cubical looking at the tiled ceiling. She looked no less regal than usual as she lay in the hospital bed. Her clan

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Books by B. M. Kapoor


A lifetime consists of periods of growth, of gains and pains, and travels and tribulations; in sum, a bouquet of memories. Some selected pieces in the book are based on jottings from my diaries over a few decades that have still not lost their flavour.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen cases around the world affecting most industries as also the migrant economy. The Lockdown in India finds a mention in the book in

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Books by B. M. Kapoor


If you are a Gen X or a Baby boomer who wants to understand 

the Millennials and their perspectives,

If you are a manager wanting to learn how to work with Millennials,

If you are a Millennial and want to learn how to be more productive 

and to see how you can work better with colleagues in the workplace,

Then this book is for you…..

The e

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Will You Pay a Ransom for Your Spouse?


 Are you fascinated by the dynamics of human relationships?  Do you wish to understand the relationships amongst the Millennials? Here is a book that defines the values and mores of the present day millennials. A dynamic world with a rapid pace of change begets changed characteristics of each succeeding generation. The goals and values of Millennials are quite different from the earlier generations. They have different priorities between career and famil

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Recipes to Delight

Books by Kanchan Kapoor

 Are you a home maker?  Or are you a newbie trying to make sense of the kitchen chores? This book is for you. While takeaways and home delivery food have made inroads into our life, there is nothing like a home-made dish prepared with loving hands. This compilation of tasty dishes will help you try your hand at preparing a delicacy for your family. The culinary art is an important accomplishment and this book includes many nutritious and delicious reci

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Books by Brigadier B M Kapoor

 Are you a professional communicator or an Army Signals officer?  Are you a new IT professional trying to make a sense of this fast changing world? Then this book is for you. Astounding developments in technology have found abundant applications in the environment; this book will introduce you to the rapid march of communication technology and showcases the technology in Army communications in the last 60 years. ‘Musings of a Military Communicator’ i

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Books by B. M. Kapoor

A lifetime of travels and tribulations and a great bouquet of memories are captured in this book. It is a journey that takes you on a whirlwind tour of the fabulous land that is India and into the wide-wide world. You would travel the various continents by road, by sea and by air and share the multi-faceted experiences with humanity of all colour and creed. Based on real-life experiences, it is a story of the grit and grime of a soldier and a passionate travele

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Combat to Corporate Corridors

Books by B.M. Kapoor

Today’s business environment is highly complex just like a military battlefield. Business leaders as also military leaders have to win their battles against equally proficient opponents. The similarities are strikingly similar.

This book is an easy-to-follow primer on how to win your battles of the mind and muscle by following time-tested strategies and tactics of military and business management in different situations.

How This Book Ca

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Lockdown and my Siyappa List

By B.M. Kapoor in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 143 | Likes: 1

‘Siyappa’ in Punjabi stands for mourning or wailing, and this word is also used for getting into trouble. Little did I think that I will ever get into a Siyappa mode; but then who had imagined a world in a Corona framework! 24th March 2020 changed India forever with the PM announcing a L  Read More...

Published on Jun 4,2020 08:13 AM

The Great Indian Lockdown

By B.M. Kapoor in True Story | Reads: 217 | Likes: 1

‘Kya Corona ko hona hi tha?’ is the question on every one’s lips all over the world. The responses have varied. We Indians being different – we went into the world’s biggest lockdown in history with just four hours of notice. And thus spawned many stories about couples   Read More...

Published on Apr 30,2020 08:47 AM

A Round Peg in A Square Hole

By B.M. Kapoor in True Story | Reads: 299 | Likes: 1

A round peg in a square hole—that is a soldier’s story of stress and toil in the high altitudes of Sikkim. It was 1967 and I was lucky to be selected for the Defence Services Staff College Course at Wellington (Ooty). It is at this glorious institution that one plays golf, goes on hunts,  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 08:52 AM


By B.M. Kapoor in Travel | Reads: 322 | Likes: 1

If you travel to Hong Kong or Macau, you just cannot miss going to Shenzhen. It is located on the Chinese Mainland but it has a land border with Hong Kong and is just an hour away from Macau by ferry. Thanks to its fast paced economy, you can get to Shenzhen by various modes; by air, train or ship o  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 07:39 AM


By B.M. Kapoor in Travel | Reads: 607 | Likes: 1

When we boarded the flight from Delhi to Hong Kong past 10 pm we did not expect to be served dinner on board at that late hour. We were also apprehensive of our matronly airhostesses who were well into their Fifties. It was a pleasant surprise to find the cabin crew insisting on serving us drinks an  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 09:27 AM


By B.M. Kapoor in Travel | Reads: 331 | Likes: 1

Guilin is a simple likeable name, but not one that many people would easily recall. Thus I could be forgiven for not readily accepting my travel agent's suggestion that we should include it in our trip to China. I grudgingly agreed. It was only on reaching there that I realized the value of that sug  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 09:21 AM


By B.M. Kapoor in Travel | Reads: 436 | Likes: 1

Landing at the Chek Lap Kok airport of Hong Kong, one is sure to be dazzled by its glitter of steel and chrome, indeed a marvel of architecture. It was early morning and the train from our landing terminal to the main terminal was fast and clean; these trains run every few minutes. We found the airp  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 08:45 AM


By B.M. Kapoor in Travel | Reads: 399 | Likes: 1

Contrary to the general perception, China is not all about Beijing and Shanghai, as I found during a visit in 2005. Who could imagine that what was once a piece of a quiet rural countryside in China with open fields with small hillocks around and shrubs and trees spread all over, would turn out to   Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 07:26 AM

My First Phoren Trip

By B.M. Kapoor in Travel | Reads: 287 | Likes: 1

Five of us were very excited to go on our first foreign trip abroad and we had pooled our savings for this trip. This was in 1995 and we were to cover UK and Europe, the most desired destinations of tourists. First halt was London where stayed in a hotel run by an Indian. We learnt to our horror tha  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 09:36 AM

The General comes a-visiting

By B.M. Kapoor in True Story | Reads: 281 | Likes: 2

Driving back to his house, the Colonel’s mind was racing. Reaching home, he leapt out of his jeep quivering with excitement and shouted for his wife. Before she could speak a word, he said, “Look Geeta, the General has decided to visit us this week. We shall of course arrange the usual b  Read More...

Published on Mar 27,2020 09:31 AM

Breakfast in the Air

By B.M. Kapoor in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 4,050 | Likes: 10

It was an early morning flight and we were in our seats, having gone through the pre-take-off drill. It was then that the captain came upon the PA system to announce that due to bad weather, the flight would be delayed. We were asked to stay in the plane. The next announcement that came after 30 m  Read More...

Published on Mar 27,2020 08:44 AM


By B.M. Kapoor in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 552 | Likes: 3

The public perception of an army man is of a straight, stiff and disciplined person – usually with a stick in one hand and a mug of beer in the other. As is the case usually, perceptions are not always right. Army has its wit and lighter moments. Service life is full of adventure and challenge  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 11:29 AM

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