Soumi Paul

I am a full-time dreamer
I am a full-time dreamer

I love to live those different shades of colors through painting and writing.Read More...

Lockdown Trauma

By Soumi Paul in True Story | Reads: 279 | Likes: 0

It would be an injustice to these lockdown moments if I miss penning down them. So arranging the memories of the past one month and the time I am going through is a must-try. Tension started building up in our Bharathidasan University main campus when the first case of COVID-19 positive reported fro  Read More...

Published on May 1,2020 01:24 PM

নিজেকে ভালোবাসো তুমি বারবার

By Soumi Paul in True Story | Reads: 356 | Likes: 0

বেঁচে থাকার সংঘর্ষটা প্রতিনিয়ত এবং ভীষণ একঘেয়ে ও বলা যেতে পারে। কিন্তু কিছু সংঘর্ষ আক্ষরিক অর্থেই বেঁচে ওঠার লড়া  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 11:38 AM


By Soumi Paul in Poetry | Reads: 294 | Likes: 0

Enough! enough really!! Enough of you wearing that secularist mask, supporting those communal fights. Enough! enough really!! Enough of those lines that give you heavenly respect being rich and never cared for the poor existence of mine. Enough! enough really!! You questioning my gender so that you   Read More...

Published on Apr 3,2020 02:35 AM

One Disease Many Reminders

By Soumi Paul in General Literary | Reads: 315 | Likes: 0

A reminder that our lifestyle very permanently requires to be hygienic. A reminder that shelter, food, and freshwater are our basic survival needs. A reminder that the existence of every small to the big profession is essential to roll the wheels of this society. A reminder of ho  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 01:13 AM

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