Hard Reality
By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 212 | Likes: 1
Living in 21st century, Females are touching the sky, Setting up their goals to fly high. In my country, Up side is down, But do not make a frown, Most of them think girl is a burden, And end up their genealogy, This belief is really Very hard to accept. In cities and villages, situation is the sa  Read More...
Published on Jul 13,2020 10:08 PM
Dear Stranger
By Srijoyee in Poetry | Reads: 326 | Likes: 1
Dear Stranger Do not fall in love It doesn't pay a dime. It only causes broken hearts, Yet it happens all the time Do not fall in love, I repeat You'll hurt before it's through. I know cuz I've seen  People turning blue And I had gone through the same. When I fell in love with you.  Read More...
Published on Jul 14,2020 05:45 PM
Iron and the Blacksmith
By Rohit Dey in Poetry | Reads: 285 | Likes: 0
In the flame of fire, a blacksmith hammered the iron to exe...Or sharpen the edges to sword, moulding it for the next.  One after the another, the poor iron changes all it's older shapes...!!  One day, the iron asked ~ Master! Why it is so? That... you beat everyday to make a shape out of   Read More...
Published on Jul 15,2020 08:28 PM
By Arkadeep Bhattacharya in Poetry | Reads: 182 | Likes: 1
   উড়ল ধ্বজা, শুরু হল তান্ডব নাচ                                অতিমারি ও লকডাউনের জেরে           Read More...
Published on Jul 15,2020 10:16 PM
चाहे तुम…
By Tiasha Bose in Poetry | Reads: 494 | Likes: 0
चाहे तुम… चाहे तुम मूझे कितना भी रोक लो, क्या रोक पाऔगे मेरे अंदर इस जलते हुए मशाल को? हाँ - शायद धमकाओगे, कैद कर दोग  Read More...
Published on Jul 15,2020 09:41 PM
How Do I Tell You
By Parvathinandyal in Poetry | Reads: 288 | Likes: 1
On our journey from strangers to friends, There are a lot of things we’ve been through. How do I tell you, it doesn’t matter, Cos I have earned a friend in you.   In silly banters and endless mischief, The master in crime was definitely you. How do I tell you all I wish, We stay the  Read More...
Published on Jul 16,2020 02:57 PM
Compassionate Ego
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 261 | Likes: 1
Compassionate Ego You are not going to be very good at anything, it must go Maximalism is all about compassionate ego.  Just by doing few things really really well,  It can improve your focus, without diluting It may show up the rhythm hidden  behind You must be aware, let your energy  Read More...
Published on Jul 16,2020 08:54 PM
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 308 | Likes: 1
EFFORT Measure your efforts, not your weight That's all it say about you, what you await Tiringly you must exert, that's effort.  I think it's time for all, must be very alert May you enjoy deeply, inward concert.  Not a result of some natural gift, but a daily practice A singular focus an  Read More...
Published on Jul 17,2020 07:57 PM
ಆಯ್ದಕ್ಕಿ ಅನ್ನ
By I C Sabarad in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
        ಪ್ರೇರಣೆ  ಕಾರ್ಯ ಕಾರಣ ಪರಿಣಾಮವರಿಯದೆ  ಪ್ರೇರಣೆ ಪ್ರಜ್ವಲಿಸುವುದು  ಆದರ್ಶ ಭಾವ ಸಹಜ ಪ್ರಕೃತಿಯು  ವಿಚಾರ ಅಭಿವ್  Read More...
Published on Jul 18,2020 03:01 PM
My story: Mene socha bhi na tha
By Dr Shivani Jain in Poetry | Reads: 392 | Likes: 3
Mene socha bhi na tha aur samay kuch kar dikhane ka aa gaya, Mene socha bhi na tha hawayein tezi se chal rahi theen, mene unke sath chalna seekh liya, Mene socha bhi na tha apno se door muskuraya ja sakta tha, mene muskrana bhi seekh liya, Din dhalte gae, karva chalta gaya, mein chalti rahi.. Dheere  Read More...
Published on Jul 18,2020 03:39 PM
My Heart
By Rewati in Poetry | Reads: 167 | Likes: 0
                        My Heart or My Mind     In your heart & mind there are so many things like : Family , Friends, Love ,or many more things. We could not decid whom should we listen Heart or Mind. Heart : in Hea  Read More...
Published on Jul 18,2020 05:09 PM
By Harish Dutt in Poetry | Reads: 221 | Likes: 1
चंद लफ्जों मे सिमटा दी उन्होंने हमारी आंखरी मुलाकात। जो वादे साथ जीने - मरने के हजारों किया करती थी।   Read More...
Published on Jul 18,2020 11:45 PM
Dad's Little Princess
By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 446 | Likes: 1
Dad's little princess is a queen of a king. Kingdom was beautiful akin to butterflies, Sweet fragrance of flowers and love could be felt. Until a storm ruined the  kingdom and scattered into pieces , Queen was frightened, and felt presence of a demon everytime. Demon sometimes turned into an angel,  Read More...
Published on Jul 19,2020 12:57 AM
Meet you in raining
By Nancy in Poetry | Reads: 173 | Likes: 0
Finding you in the heaven Is my destiny... Love is so farther  In the melody...of the dream soul The music that burns  In my heart Finds you lost in this world  The wrath in my eyes.. Can't see my body But my buried heart I dont love myself anymore Maybe i forgot the meaning Or may be  Read More...
Published on Jul 19,2020 11:28 PM
Dard se Rishta
By Mridula Singh in Poetry | Reads: 521 | Likes: 0
दर्द से रिश्ता अपना दर्द अपने अंदर समाना पड़ता है।सुमंदर ना सही एक दरिया खोजना पड़ता है। ये दर्द तुम्हारी पहचान है  Read More...
Published on Jul 20,2020 10:45 AM