P. Sharma

An architect who writes something not related to architecture
An architect who writes something not related to architecture

Dad's Little Princess

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 646 | Likes: 1

Dad's little princess is a queen of a king. Kingdom was beautiful akin to butterflies, Sweet fragrance of flowers and love could be felt. Until a storm ruined the  kingdom and scattered into pieces , Queen was frightened, and felt presence of a demon everytime. Demon sometimes turned into an angel,  Read More...

Published on Jul 19,2020 12:57 AM

Hard Reality

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 245 | Likes: 1

Living in 21st century, Females are touching the sky, Setting up their goals to fly high. In my country, Up side is down, But do not make a frown, Most of them think girl is a burden, And end up their genealogy, This belief is really Very hard to accept. In cities and villages, situation is the sa  Read More...

Published on Jul 13,2020 10:08 PM

Hostel Life

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 333 | Likes: 1

Studying late nights means Maggi's mid night feast, This is the hostel life. No coolers, no AC's, In hot indian summers, This is the Hostel life. Long queues for waiting in Either cyber cafe or mess. This is the Hostel life. Fumative words in entertainment room For turning channel of your wish. T  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2020 11:44 PM

उल्फ़त मुझे अब भी है

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 541 | Likes: 1

ज़िक्र तेरा अब भी है  फिक्र तेरा अब भी है  हक तेरा अब भी है  उलफ़त मुझे अब भी है।।।।  दीदार की तड़प अब भी  है इज  Read More...

Published on Jul 8,2020 10:59 AM


By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 333 | Likes: 1

A cobbler polishes shoes of people but his own shoes are unpolished, A watchman takes care of whole society at night but no one takes care of his house, A presser iron clothes of others but his own clothes are unpressed, A ragpicker picks rag from houses but his own house has a collection of rags, I  Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2020 11:39 PM

Follow the rules

By P. Sharma in General Literary | Reads: 368 | Likes: 1

Often heard' Silence is the best to avoid arguements'. But I believe not always. Sometimes, it is necessary to raise your voice. Otherwise people will misjudge you. But be gentle while using words. Words  either win heart or create barrier. Using of words is an art and everyone is not artist.   Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2020 02:02 PM

Wooden staircase

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 350 | Likes: 1

Small wooden staircase that ended upto attic, Though no railing to hold but I climbed it very fast, Tread was sufficient for my little feet, But riser was enough to climb it in one go, Colour of staircase was neutral like natural wood, I just loved to play over it whenever I visited my granny's  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2020 06:43 PM

Wonderful reply

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 235 | Likes: 1

What a wonderful reply  From my friend, Books are my best friends, Coz Always available, Share fantastic thoughts with you, Never cheat, Encourage you, Never keep waiting, Guide you, Expand knowledge, Keep you on right path.... Then I asked him Then why do u need me?? He replied," books do not   Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2020 11:47 PM

Let me Out

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 266 | Likes: 1

Let me Out, Let me Out Want to breathe fresh air, Want to see beautiful views of nature, To greet all wonderful people, To be alive, Let me Out, Without Mask, Let me Out. Sounds like life has become mess, Keep wishing for a hassle free life, Where we can roam out without any fear, Enjoy every momen  Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2020 07:15 PM

Tangled Hair

By P. Sharma in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 374 | Likes: 2

Look at my tangled hair, It bounces when I walk, When I jump and when I run. All brushes and combs fail while detangling, I used detangler oil but all were in vain. People recognize me easily from my hair, Some suggest to go for Keratin Treatment, Few tease me and  say your hair are like nest,  Read More...

Published on Jun 27,2020 11:22 PM

I am BACK...

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 385 | Likes: 1

Here I am !!!! I am back again.. Yeah...I am Summer.. Come with a bang again.... I will keep rising But you remain cool. I have brought king of fruits for you, To relish sauces, shakes and pickles. I have come with surprise of ice creams To conquer your hearts. Few will enjoy me by putting AC's on,   Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2020 04:54 PM

I wish to be ...

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 247 | Likes: 1

I wish to be a  water, So that I would quench your thirst. I wish to be a piano, So that I would play notes for you. I wish to be a moon, So that I would see you. I wish to be a cloud, So that I would follow you. I wish to be a cool breeze, So that I would touch you. I wish to be a rain drople  Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2020 03:32 PM


By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 598 | Likes: 1

Dreaming of One kanal house since childhood, Unfortunately her desire was not fulfilled even after marriage... She was disappointed...but 2020 has changed her view. This is the year when she realised the worth of immense happiness...... Now she always thank to God for blessing her with one bed room   Read More...

Published on Jun 25,2020 10:55 AM

The Hardest thing in life?????

By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 460 | Likes: 2

Is it Money???? No way. Hardship and intelligence unblock the way to money. A priceless smile on a face of homeless creates wonders. Is it Friendship??? Not at all. A smile and ardent approach grow beautiful flower of friendship in the garden of life. Books always consider as good friends. Is it Ha  Read More...

Published on Jun 21,2020 11:49 AM

My Magical Blue Orange Shoes

By P. Sharma in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 335 | Likes: 1

Importunating for new shoes, Eventually I got a pair of Blue Orange Shoes, Those were really attractive and cosy, Without laces , I could wear anywhere. And I called those Magical Blue Orange Shoes. Putting it on for a ceremony at temple, My father kept insisting to wear any old ones, But I was fin  Read More...

Published on Jun 20,2020 10:14 PM

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