The Call Of Mother Earth
By Sumit Dwivedi in Poetry | Reads: 492 | Likes: 1
                                POEM             “THE CALL OF MOTHER EARTH”  Mother Earth is calling, handle my lap ! You too will be destroyed if my dignity is  broken  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 12:34 AM
Thirst for love and Damaged
By Anubha Tigga in Poetry | Reads: 375 | Likes: 1
Thousands of dreams ,miles to go when you die you never know.Holding thousands of wishes in your eyes is not your fault,before you choose to die just look at the sky.Even the universe working day $ night.Be like a warrior $ choose to fight.  My name is pet nam  Misty lets see the life thro  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 08:22 AM
The Root
By Mridula Singh in Poetry | Reads: 512 | Likes: 1
Title:The RootThe root makes its route through the earth.Pushes it hard to give the plant,new birth.Then it goes deeper and deeper in the soil,Spreading it's arms to rest as they labour and toil.Ever wonder how it goes on feeding a big family?Bearing the load till nourishes the plant completely.It's  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 10:37 AM
Knowledge : Not Just Information
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 213 | Likes: 0
Knowledge : Not Just Information Not just heap of information, it flowers love In turn, love brings complete knowledge Not just guided education, it needs to strive  Overall development of human beings, towards better Do something, don't sit and crib about everything  It's time to check if  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 11:02 AM
My Morning
By Mariya Marcus Suryavanshi in Poetry | Reads: 592 | Likes: 0
I waked up in the morning,  being the same lazy person        With all those new hopes,  of being my own new version  The day started as usual,  with my mom yelling and me ignoring          Taking the shower as slow as I can,  w  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 01:39 PM
Perfect Decision
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 193 | Likes: 0
Perfect Decision With the best of our intelligence and capabilities Can really make decision, if come from the core of humanity Our mortality is right in our faces now A little more experience of life is growing somehow It must be the time of realization not consolation None of us can ever make a pe  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 08:23 PM
The Winter Flavours
By Nitesh Khargonkar in Poetry | Reads: 444 | Likes: 6
Cool breeze blowing and winds making us run, Cozy are the evenings and sleeping long hours is some fun. The hands go shivering and everything seems so Cold, Out come the blankets to make it's it's warmth unfold. When the glimpse of someone's eyes turns into a flame, Love is for all seasons,but here;  Read More...
Published on Jul 2,2020 04:25 PM
कैसा यह काल है नहीं हमें मंजूर
By ???? in Poetry | Reads: 520 | Likes: 1
कैसा काल आया है नहीं हमें मंजूर आज इंसान को  कफन  नहीं मिल रहा  अपना आज !रो रहे हैं  अपने उसके थोड़ी देर मिला दो   Read More...
Published on Jul 2,2020 06:27 PM
Be Very Selective
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 248 | Likes: 1
Be Very Selective Be very selective, what you put into the lush garden of your mind Be very selective, it must be immensely nourishing Be very selective, about making you more productive and effective Be very selective, to know rewarding use of your mind Be very selective, to consume the food that e  Read More...
Published on Jul 2,2020 08:55 PM
என்னுள் அடங்கியவள்
By aron in Poetry | Reads: 165 | Likes: 0
என்னுள் அடங்காதவள் எண்ணில் அடங்கா கவிகளும் உனக்கு தானே  என்னில் தொலைத்த என்னை  உன்னில் ஏன்  தேடிக் கொண்டி  Read More...
Published on Jul 2,2020 10:25 PM
Re-Start- A second chance to life
By Vidya Devadas Nair in Poetry | Reads: 240 | Likes: 0
Amidst the chaos, the mind finds it's solitude. What meant to be the end-note, Re-winds back to the prelude. Blissful moments that forgot their way, Managed to knock-out the tears, that mocked their stay. Swirling with the wind, Swaying with the breeze, Never before was life ever at this ease. Right  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 10:04 AM
Stone: Finding the Beauty
By REHEJA K A in Poetry | Reads: 184 | Likes: 0
The nature sparked thousands of fragments at    me, Calling me into the dense woods. I could see the creepy woods have grown to old, and The leaf no more of the present-day. The water still flows, carrying the essence of coldness. The fresh smog has immersed into the leaves, giving them a  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 01:22 PM
The music of night
By Shyamala in Poetry | Reads: 284 | Likes: 1
The music of night concert by the moon When the cool wind plays the flute The trees shake their heads cute. The long green weeds grown aside the bay become the violinist  Soulfully playing it to the finest.  Lost its sleep, the fish in the lake leaps out to beat the drum for a sake. But,  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 07:29 PM
A Cup Of Tea
By ramashery in Poetry | Reads: 427 | Likes: 0
You make your chief or cheap, It depends on your skill, knowledge. The people had made a great leap, Invented many things in college. Lack of practical wit proved a fool, Did many things never people imagine. at time of need didn’t appear cool, Committed silly mistakes while beginning. He earn  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 08:44 PM
The days that passed
By Rashika Singhania in Poetry | Reads: 356 | Likes: 4
Sunset to sunrise, I lie. Each day  indolent than the other.  Writing keeps me sane Reading soothes Netflix and instagram  are my buddies so far Tea is the new tranquilizer. For days have passed And the vacations, Once wished for Are not so exhilarating  Anymore.   Read More...
Published on Jul 4,2020 11:28 AM