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By Riya Borbora in General Literary | Reads: 73 | Likes: 0
It was a cold morning. The leaves were still wet from the night's drizzle and a lone wind gushed through the air making everyone shiver in the cold.A huge gathering of people was seen in an open field. They are cheering. RAHUL! RAHUL!!, the field echoed triumphantly. It was an unbeatable applause. T  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:21 PM
The Life
By Ravi Kiran Thatipamula in General Literary | Reads: 142 | Likes: 1
                   The LIFE                -Ravikiran   It's totally dark, with twinkling all around and extends to the infinity.   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 03:24 PM
By Alisha in General Literary | Reads: 71 | Likes: 0
JABYZ INDIAJABYZ is one of the prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of ladies handmade shoes and bags based in Mumbai India. Jabyz was founded in 1936 and it is recognized as the best Producers of hand-made products. With the pace of time and technology, Jabyz is also expanding into the global market  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 03:51 PM
My daughter killed it
By Monika S Gupta in General Literary | Reads: 74 | Likes: 2
It’s been 27 years to my marriage. How can I be untrue by calling it successful or even a happy relationship? I hailed from a small village called Chakiya in Eastern UP and belonged to a farmer’s family and she was the second daughter of a reputed service family. My father-in-law was the  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 08:29 PM
The Rain
By Rohankompella in General Literary | Reads: 165 | Likes: 1
"The Rain" - By Rohan.k    The Rain might be a natural process of water cycle but it makes and creates an emotion for heart to feel.      “The Rain isn’t the same for everyone” is true.      The rain in the mornings we wake up energies us wit  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 02:17 AM
हा खेळ सावल्यांचा...
By vishwas in General Literary | Reads: 85 | Likes: 0
या गोष्टीची सुरूवात झाली ती साधारण पंधरा-वीस अब्ज वर्षांपूर्वी! एक प्रचंड ऊर्जेने भरलेला महाभयानक विस्फोट झाला.   Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:02 AM
An inexplicable bond.....
By tushar ahuja in General Literary | Reads: 95 | Likes: 1
Friendship- a bond of mutual care and love May be there is no perfect definition to delineate this special relationship between different people...It's a sort of handcuff that we usually feel happy to have on our hands with the right people...,...One may have many such handcuffs but the permanent an  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 03:20 PM
By Bhakti Mukhi in General Literary | Reads: 64 | Likes: 0
A guy in the form of a lesson was he, for he taught me the importance of trust, love, codependency then took away the same to teach another one on heartbreak. For home assignments, he left me with lessons to learn on trust issues, insecurity and a very low self esteem. His method of teaching was wal  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 04:04 PM
Lif is beautiful
By Swati Thakur in General Literary | Reads: 74 | Likes: 1
Life is very beautiful enjoy it with good memories this is very wonderful life with the nature enjoy it with full of encouragements and stay positive in your life and make other people happy in the life we face many problems in the life but we have to make solution for that problems there are if and  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 10:49 PM
2:00 AM
By Eesha Goyal in General Literary | Reads: 214 | Likes: 3
It was 2.00 am, couldn't sleep. Tried to, obviously. Wasn't using my phone either. Lying down with my head under the pillow,  thinking about you, your voice, your eyes, okay stop, I thought and turned around. Too old now, to count sheep. I thought I shouldn't think so much and that I should st  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:31 PM
Love ❣️
By Neena Joseph in General Literary | Reads: 67 | Likes: 0
Deficiency of love is an incurable disease that affected lives                                                                      Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:53 PM
By Eesha Goyal in General Literary | Reads: 165 | Likes: 3
Why? Why hold on to something which has, hurt you, worn you, broken you down a million times? Why hold on when the other person has already left? why hold on if it's all agony and no pleasure? Why hold on if it doesn't make sense anymore? Why hold on if you aren't happy? Why hold on to the person o  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:53 PM
A Friend or a Foe ?
By Soma Ghosh in General Literary | Reads: 288 | Likes: 4
A Friend or a Foe ? Communication technologies of the modern world The unusual cacophony seems pleasant. People gathering for tea parties in the evening. Mothers and wives squatting in their veranda and chatting away. Babies not only eating but savouring the food while listening to their mother&rsqu  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 03:50 AM
Pandemic Effects
By Ishaana Dayal in General Literary | Reads: 138 | Likes: 3
        Pandemic Effects         by Ishaana Dayal   There are lots of before and afters this year (2020) it is being very challenging. For kids like us, all the classroom teachings have changed into online classes.     &  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 04:42 PM
Taboolet- toppling taboo with solutions as tablet......
By Karan Sharma in General Literary | Reads: 104 | Likes: 1
From feeling low to remaining alone from family interactions , from bad relationship experiences to low grades , from financial crunches to interpersonal grudges , mental peace or maintaining equilibrium of individual upholds utmost important for being happy , elated and longevity  in life . bu  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 08:58 PM