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The crowd was eagerly waiting for a chief guest’s arrival. The mob was filled with youths as well as people from various fields. It was an award function for entrepreneurs where Neha was getting an award for her par excellence in building up a gigantic industry and giving employment to huge su  Read More...
Published on Jun 30,2020 09:15 AM
The World's A Stage
By Adrija Bandyopadhyay in General Literary | Reads: 183 | Likes: 1
The first bell hurried up my pace. Entering the dressing room, colours, sparkles, ashes and confetti are preserved in big glass jars. Loud cheers and buzz before the wide red curtain tense up my confident soul. Living with the doubt that even perfectionists slip the steps, confuses me to choose the   Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 10:44 AM
மத மாற்றமா? மன மாற்றமா? சுவி. பாபு T தாமஸ்.
By Evg.Babu.T Thomas in General Literary | Reads: 135 | Likes: 0
மத மாற்றமா? மன மாற்றமா? சுவி. பாபு T தாமஸ். இயேசு : மனந்திரும்புங்கள், பரலோகரஜ்யம் சமீபித்திருக்கிறது என்று பிரசங்  Read More...
Published on Jul 1,2020 09:48 PM
मछली और मगरमच्छ [चतुर मछली पर कोई काम का नही]
By Hrithik Raj in General Literary | Reads: 114 | Likes: 1
                            मछली और मगरमच्छ                      [चतुर मछली पर कोई काम का नही]  यह  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 11:09 PM
The blue crayon
By R. Andrila in General Literary | Reads: 159 | Likes: 3
I sit sidesaddle on the cement floor and handpick the pastels, carefully blending the shades on my drawing notebook as I listen to my mother speak to someone on the cordless phone. I feel her walk quickly to the other end of the room to take a peek outside of the house and I look up. She looks pale   Read More...
Published on Jul 4,2020 02:59 PM
By Pooja.G in General Literary | Reads: 100 | Likes: 1
          What is God??? There were the questions about God raising to everyone or maybe somebody who crosses critical otherwise unbearable situations in their life including myself too, it's not an big issue but it's common to every human being. We started asking questions   Read More...
Published on Jul 5,2020 07:18 PM
big dreams
By Nandini Gupta in General Literary | Reads: 76 | Likes: 1
There was a sound coming from the window . A girl just ran out to see it, what was it ? Then she return to her bedroom. After a while the sound came again , she ran again and stare it, like a sunflower staring the sun. She saw a silver bird flying fastly. Her home was near the airport whenever plane  Read More...
Published on Jul 6,2020 07:37 PM
Follow the rules
By P. Sharma in General Literary | Reads: 79 | Likes: 1
Often heard' Silence is the best to avoid arguements'. But I believe not always. Sometimes, it is necessary to raise your voice. Otherwise people will misjudge you. But be gentle while using words. Words  either win heart or create barrier. Using of words is an art and everyone is not artist.   Read More...
Published on Jul 7,2020 02:02 PM
A Friend I Lost
By kaushik mohanty in General Literary | Reads: 78 | Likes: 2
There was a virus in the air no one knew much about it. Probably the Government had more information and announced a lock down for 21 days. At first it did not sink in what a lock down is. First few days went off well it seemed like a long earned rest.  Slowly infected numbers grew with no log  Read More...
Published on Jul 9,2020 03:17 PM
jee mains for chemistry everyday life
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                                                             Chemistry In Everyday Life  1. Drugs/ Medicines 2. Food  3. Cleasing   Read More...
Published on Jul 14,2020 10:14 AM
ஓரினசேர்க்கை அருவருப்பு! சுவி. பாபு T தாமஸ்
By Evg.Babu.T Thomas in General Literary | Reads: 162 | Likes: 0
ஓரினசேர்க்கை அருவருப்பு! சுவி. பாபு T தாமஸ் தேவனை அறியும் அறிவைப் பற்றிக் கொண்டிருக்க அவர்களுக்கு மனதில்லா  Read More...
Published on Jul 9,2020 08:35 PM
Prevent Stop and Cure Coronavirus with URINE THERAPY -
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  JAGDISH R. BHURANI – Urine Therapist Prevent Control / Cure all Diseases URINE THERAPY SHIVAMBU –“Nectar of Life”   D-1202, Mantri Elegance, Bannerghatta Main Road,   BENGALURU – 560076 Web site :-   Email:- jbhur  Read More...
Published on Jul 10,2020 04:05 PM
By SUNIL.S.SACHWANI in General Literary | Reads: 75 | Likes: 0
             O LET GOD IN!                                    &nb 
Published on Jul 12,2020 05:57 PM
By Amresh Khurana in General Literary | Reads: 70 | Likes: 0
A new fragnent women crona positive in Jammu doda distt   Read More...
Published on Jul 13,2020 12:24 PM
Quarantine ModeON
By Shannon Gable in General Literary | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Who knew that we, humans could be compared to our electronic devices? Where we can conveniently turn on the aeroplane mode on / off and yet use our gadgets? Who knew that a small deadly virus could be a switch to turn humans off all together just in one Click! Who knew that Work from Home & onli  Read More...
Published on Jul 13,2020 02:56 PM