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Being Alone

By Navratna solanki in General Literary | Reads: 241 | Likes: 5

Loneliness is a weird think ,you can even fell lonely with a mob and sometimes not even if your alone. But when you are alone you met a great person and it is non other than you own , When a person lives alone his/her mind work faster then usual or when with a mob, because at that time brain is free  Read More...

Published on Jul 25,2020 03:00 PM

Bats are not so bad.

By Navratna solanki in True Story | Reads: 263 | Likes: 1

As usual, the day before yesterday, they came in the evening but Dadaji (our neighbor) saw them and created a ruckus in the neighborhood. They came, they came and on hearing this Buaji (Buhaji of Moholla) also came out ands she also started shouting Satan came, Satan. Shove them or else they will ca  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 11:10 PM

क्या वे इतने बुरे थे।

By Navratna solanki in True Story | Reads: 716 | Likes: 0

रोज की तरह परसों ,शाम को भी वे आए मगर दादाजी(हमारे पडोसी) ने उन्हें देख लिया और देखते ही मौहल्ले मे हंगामा मचा दिया ।   Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 11:07 PM

The lost memory

By Navratna solanki in Romance | Reads: 285 | Likes: 1

The lost memory Its an story of an boy who go far away from his home town for his higher education to fulfill his and his family’s dream of becoming an successful person in his life . But for all this things he had sacrificed many things like he lived far away from his family and also he had   Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 10:07 AM

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