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Ritika Garg

Just a conversation

By Ritika Garg in General Literary | Reads: 133 | Likes: 2

The conversation which intrigued me to think the harsh unnoticed realities Background Family of four where both of my parents are government officials and my younger brother and me are doing a job in MNCs in Hyderabad and Bangalore respectively. ( dinner gossip while serving ice cream)Me: Mumma, why  Read More...

Published on Jul 25,2020 02:28 PM

Only if you let me do

By Ritika Garg in Poetry | Reads: 119 | Likes: 1

I wish I could dive into you,And take out all the sorrow.I wish I could start fires with what I feel for you, And burns everything that could tear us apart.I wish I could blossom the withered flowers,And spruce up the pathways to our destiny.I wish I could be your halo,And extricate you from stultif  Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2020 05:27 PM

Moon & Halo

By Ritika Garg in Poetry | Reads: 116 | Likes: 1

You are the moon  I want to be the halo That follows you That surrounds you That protects you From every sorrow I'll always be around you  And you'd never be alone I'd repel every event of sadness From your life  And the stars will be jealous of our affair   Read More...

Published on Apr 25,2020 08:20 PM

I believe in US

By Ritika Garg in Poetry | Reads: 147 | Likes: 2

There are times when we need to talk    Yet the words never come  There are times when we need to understand   Yet we don't always know how,  at our lowest times  During our toughest times  Things seems to get complicated and confusing   Leaving  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 09:30 AM


By Ritika Garg in General Literary | Reads: 211 | Likes: 5

Every day is the new beginning  Then why do we always carry the load of the past? Why are we not incongruous? Why do we find ourselves in fine kettle of fish while sipping the morning coffee ? Who do we do globe trotting in our heads while eyes glued to newspaper? Why are we in despair ? Is not  Read More...

Published on Apr 23,2020 05:59 PM

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