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Myth only exists with the existance of pragmatic phenomenon  of wishes those die all the time with the deficiency  of proper nurturing       Myth is not something to be enshrined as lesson  to get spared but the oxygen which  bringforth the source to portray f  Read More...
Published on Apr 6,2020 10:49 PM
My 21 days on Lockdown - Week 2 (Days 8-14)
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In continuation to my article ' My 21 days on Lockdown- Week 1 (Days 1-7) .... Here's week 2!  Day 8 – 01st April 2020 Oh, how optimistic we were that 2020 is going to be our best year! Three months into 2020 and we sure seem to have lost the enthusiasm along the way. It’s the first  Read More...
Published on Apr 6,2020 10:58 PM
Loneliness ( Being alone)
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The perpetual quest of human beings is to shatter their loneliness. People always tend to find love for them by surrounding personages who should bear a close proximity with them.  But, I feel being alone at some point of your day is the best time you can have in your life. Actually sitting wit  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 12:19 AM
I'm scared of myself
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You know what I am scared these days Scared of talking to myself Scared of facing the truth What if I tell myself that  I need to change this job What if I tell myself about my failures And take it seriously  What if I ask myself that Why I never fell in love? Why I have no future plans? W  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 01:21 AM
Quarantine and family connection
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When i connected soulfully with my family Family time made me realise that they are best people. They are the persons who knows me the best and can help me always in any situation. In my life i was truly missing out with this time “the family time” ; never gave them time, never sat with  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 02:39 AM
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Is it my fault that I feel captivated even in the most normal of situations?  Of course not! It is just my anxiety trying to stop me from taking any situation as it is. Anxiety is a very common psychological problem that is increasing day by day due to our hectic routines. It mainly arises from  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 02:41 AM
By Faizan Ansari in General Literary | Reads: 84 | Likes: 1
Random prsn:- What is the best part of your life? Me:- The best part? I don't think that i am a authorised person to answer this. To have a best part of a life I have to live this life and i think we haven't even started living it!  This period i believe is the warm-up period, the trail period   Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 03:51 AM
A meeting with the therapist
By naina Agarwal in General Literary | Reads: 89 | Likes: 0
"let's start your session for the day ?", the new therapist asks. She has been just Three sessions with her. She looks exhausted.  "So what does your smile mean when it breaks you a little bit realizing how much you're hurting even when you look like the happiest person in the room? What do you  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 01:32 PM
Falak-brave, fearless
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Her bag was packed, and she was ready to leave. She was leaving her family behind- Aneesh, her husband, and two beautiful kids- Anshu and Naira. He wanted to stop her and kids were crying. But there was nothing which could stop her. So, she had already prepared their favourite foods, because that co  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 04:18 PM
By Jayasudha Bhaskaran in General Literary | Reads: 208 | Likes: 4
Stuck at home,having nothing to do or nowhere to go?We would have been in the houses of our family and friends by now,enjoying our vacation,if it were a normal vacation.But no other go!We have to stay back at home for our own safety as well as for the safety of the society. But it is during this per  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 04:26 PM
Disparity of Equality
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Last year, I attended Navami pooja alongside a devotional multitude, Thousands chanting Durga’s name with the highest certitude, Every face seemed beaming with pious gratitude, I savoured the moment, life was a song, What could possibly go wrong?????? Crowds swarming in to touch the idol&rsquo  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 06:07 PM
My mom's kitchen
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Lillies in the glass vase on the kitchen table just beside the fruit basket .Smell of freshly baked bread wafting across the room bringing back memories of those sunny Sunday mornings .The windowsill with dalais on miniature flower pots beside the washing sink overlooks the garden. There, an oak tre  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 06:12 PM
The College Life
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The next stage of his student life begins as he gets enrolled in a degree college to get higher education after completing his school life.  Now he has become a youth and can reach his college alone even if it is far from his home. His father need not worry for him. Singing a romantic song, he   Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 07:31 PM
वो अगली सुबह
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                                        वो अगली सुबहअगली सुबह अमन तो जागा लेकिन अम्मी नहीं। यह दास्त  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 07:40 PM
சரவணனும் சில மீன் குஞ்சுகளும்
By Soorya N in General Literary | Reads: 133 | Likes: 2
“என்னடா உனக்கு காய்ச்சல் இப்படி வந்திருக்கிறது. என்ன தண்ணியிலே ஏதாவது விளையாடினாயா?” என்று சரவணனிடம் கேட்ட  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 08:11 PM