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Motivational speaker and writer
Motivational speaker and writer

Tasleem M is a retired mining engineer from Coal India, who also happens to be a law graduate. He hails from a small town, Supaul, in Bihar, which lies on the border of Nepal. This fulfilling journey of a small-town boy in a big professional world has inspired him to pen down his life’s unique experiences. His educational journey was quite enthralling as he got a chance to study in a premier institute of the country: The Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. He believes that life is a beautiful gift wherein all the experiences that we encounter make it ever more beautiful and astounding. This proRead More...


हत्यारा कौन ?

Books by एम तसलीम

यहां यह एक आम बात है जेल में रहने वाले या गुंडागर्दी में मशहूर अपहरण, फिरौती, डकैती, रेप जैसे मामले में संलिप्त होने वाले सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता को ही अधिकतर पार्टी टिकट देती है


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Pretty Woman Mystery Unfolds

Books by Md Taslim

They accused a beautiful young woman of watching a blue film in her office with a co-worker.

An unknown person started writing letters to her for ransom otherwise he will kidnap her children, or she should spend a night with him.

She lost her husband six months back.

Her husband’s friends think her a woman of easy virtue because she winks her left eye while talking 

She is terrified but she decides to fight  

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Who Killed Her?

Books by Md Taslim

Human being’s story is a fascinating story. Those nomads, who were wandering in the jungle, eating uncooked food and were afraid of nature, homeless, loveless and beast like animals in the struggle for survival migrated in different places of this earth. In due course of time became so called civilised, achieved many extraordinary feats. It is commendable in every respect but in his quest for power, money and lust they always go beyond human values about

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Ek Aurat

Books by

'Sir, a union's general secretary accused that computer operator Rakesh and Mrs Dalvi watches blue film on computer by closing the office door...”

Mrs. dalvi is about thirty years of age. She is very beautiful, slim and an educated woman. She has two children. Her son is four years old and her daughter is two years old. Her husband expired about eight months ago. Despite being mother of two kids Mrs Dalvi looks stunningly young and unmarried. She has

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Quad Lamhe

Books by

All of a sudden, Ira asked, "So, why do we live?"

I was taken aback by her question. I started staring at her face and thinking about the answer to her question. I was unable to think of an answer. Even then, I took her hand in mine and told her, "I think I am alive to keep these hands in my hands forever. I wish to live to hear my name from your beautiful lips forever. I wish to live to hear your sweet melodious voice. I want to remain entrapped in your

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joy is within us

By M Tasleem in General Literary | Reads: 233 | Likes: 0

In fact, what we are looking for in everything is joy, ecstasy. But ecstasy is within us. We never look for it in our own heart.   There are certain core teachings that can forever shift the way we see the world. "Joy is within us" is one of them.   It is possible to feel happy regardless   Read More...

Published on Apr 9,2020 11:50 PM

Malay and Mansi

By M Tasleem in General Literary | Reads: 347 | Likes: 0

She was his childhood girlfriend. Her name was Mansi. She graduated in home science. She was a beautiful girl with big eyes and long hair. Her voice was soft and sweet. Malay was well built, handsome, lively boy. He did a diploma in mining engineering. He acquired his overman certificate. He got his  Read More...

Published on Apr 8,2020 01:41 AM

Call Him

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 170 | Likes: 0

You call me from any placeYou will find me there alwaysI am neither a past tense nor a future tenseI am a present tenseYou just call me from any placeI will be there with you always I am your hour, your momentsI am with you always presentPain and pleasureAlways live togetherDon’t botherYou jus  Read More...

Published on Apr 5,2020 02:29 PM

Bestow Mercy

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 199 | Likes: 0

Bestow mercyNo one knows his beginningNo one will ever know his endHe only knows hisBeginning and endHe is infiniteEveryone calls him by their coined namesIrrespective of caste,creed,colour, religionIrrespective of gender and geographical locationHe calls every one by one namePeople try to decorate   Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 03:09 PM

Come Laugh with me Part-1

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 222 | Likes: 0

Come laugh with meIt will bring us closerLaughter makes everything Bright, full of sunshineCome laugh with meLet us laugh on ourselvesNot on othersEach one of us have shortcomingsLet us perfect an art ofLaughing on our shortcomingsCome laugh with meThis world is full of hatredCast, creed, colour, et  Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 03:01 PM


By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 249 | Likes: 0

Did she meet you?I don't knowShe meets me often inDifferent moodsAnd different attires?Once in evening's twilights She met me,Wearing flowersFull of colors and fragranceShe said Do you know me?I am best of life.Do you have any wish?I said yesPlease fill my friends coffersWith happiness, pl  Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 02:34 PM

Dry Honest

By M Tasleem in General Literary | Reads: 279 | Likes: 0

“When I was on Haj, I met Rahman Saheb, who retired as secretary from Government of Karnataka, he is a very good man. He knew Prasad saheb (?), who was a collector of Darbhanga (Bihar), he was a very good man and was well known to Bijender ji, Urban Development Minister of Government of Bihar.  Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 01:05 AM

Ram Parsad

By M Tasleem in General Literary | Reads: 179 | Likes: 0

On 15th august on the occasion of flag hosting, Area General Manager facilitated persons from different departments for their exceptional work. This year security guard Hari Prasad son of late security guard Ram Prasad was, given an appreciation letter and medal for his extraordinary courageous work  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 02:39 PM

Love and Lust

By M Tasleem in General Literary | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0

One day an old man aged about 60 years of age came with his son aged about thirty-five or so in my office. He told me about his daughter, who was married to a person working in my establishment. The son of that old man went out of my office and came with a young woman of about twenty-seven or so wi  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 04:27 AM


By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 179 | Likes: 0

एक खौफ सा है जो जाता नही एक आहट सा है जो पास आ रहा एक चादर छेदों से भरी लिए मांगता रहा सदा कुछ बचा या सब रीत गया छालों स  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 06:11 PM

It’s Life

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 281 | Likes: 0

It's life Good or bad Happy or sad It's life Come, hold me tight Love you, don't fight Believe me You are my passion You are my desire It's life Don't walk alone Don’t fret, don't frown Smile and laugh Sing and dance Come, hold me tight Love you, don't fight It's life Feel my heartbeat My love  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 06:08 PM

आओ न चांद तारों की बातें करें

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 320 | Likes: 0

आओ न चांद तारों की बातें करें सपनों के दुनिया की बातें करें तीज त्योहारों की बातें करें अपने पराए की बातें करें दूस  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 06:05 PM

Don’t Hold it Tight

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 387 | Likes: 0

If you will hold it tightIt will slip quickly from your handIf you will hold appropriatelyIt will stay longIt is true not only for sand butFor life and relationshipPeople always like your show offHe only like your inner selfIt is simply impossible to hideAnything from himNever forgetIf it is his dar  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 05:59 PM

अंदाज़े बयां

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 172 | Likes: 0

उनके अंदाज़े बयां का क्या कहना कभी नज़रों से कभी लफ्जों से कभी चूड़ी की खनक कभी पायल की छनक कभी होंठों से बात करते हैं उ  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 05:56 PM

I am Human

By M Tasleem in Poetry | Reads: 189 | Likes: 0

I am a bit normalI am a bit abnormalI am a bit truthI am a bit falseAfter all I am humanI am a bit lazyI am a bit crazyI am a bit goodI am a bit badAfter all I am humanI am a bit intelligentI am a bit foolI am a bit surrenderI am a bit fight backAfter all I am humanI am a bit egoI am a bit without e  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 05:54 PM

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