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Tasleem M is a retired mining engineer from Coal India, who also happens to be a law graduate. He hails from a small town, Supaul, in Bihar, which lies on the border of Nepal. This fulfilling journey of a small-town boy in a big professional world has inspired him to pen down his life’s unique experiences. His educational journey was quite enthralling as he got a chance to study in a premier institute of the country: The Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. He believes that life is a beautiful gift wherein all the experiences that we encounter make it ever more beautiful and astounding. This process of learning something new each day has inspired him to write.

Ek Aurat

Books by M Tasleem

'Sir, a union's general secretary accused that computer operator Rakesh and Mrs Dalvi watches blue film on computer by closing the office door...”

Mrs. dalvi is about thirty years of age. She is very beautiful, slim and an educated woman. She has two children. Her son is four years old and her daughter is two years old. Her husband expired about eight months ago. Despite being mother of two kids Mrs Dalvi looks stunningly young and unmarried. She has sculpted figure.

“Think about yourself, you are beautiful and educated. You have strikingly devastating figure. You appear to be full of sweet juices. Your waist long hair and swaying waist while you walk burns my heart with desire and above all that when you goggle while talking agitates my while being. I become so mesmerised that I forget everything except you pretty face…”

“Friend, whatever you think but madam is simply a bowl of cream…”

“You are telling true. No one can believe that she is a mother of two. What a figure and what a swaying of hip while walking. One start burning with desire....”

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Quad Lamhe

Books by M Tasleem

All of a sudden, Ira asked, "So, why do we live?"

I was taken aback by her question. I started staring at her face and thinking about the answer to her question. I was unable to think of an answer. Even then, I took her hand in mine and told her, "I think I am alive to keep these hands in my hands forever. I wish to live to hear my name from your beautiful lips forever. I wish to live to hear your sweet melodious voice. I want to remain entrapped in your big magical eyes. I want to live with you forever…"

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