A Weakness
By Simar kapoor in Poetry | Reads: 302 | Likes: 0
Never share your problems with anyone Cuz not everyone who hears is actually listening Some only try to find out your weakness So they can put you down, when you're already breaking.  Read More...
Published on May 20,2020 05:24 PM
Mend my soul
By Harsh in Romance | Reads: 301 | Likes: 0
With all that's left in me now, all this while being utterly invested in you, I felt that the sound of silence is finally giving me a call. Or maybe its persistent calling remained unheard throughout by me. I was not oblivious to the dark dungeon I was entering. The bog I was stepping onto. Couldn't  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 11:37 AM
Heart Versus Mind
By Sanjeev Gargish in General Literary | Reads: 297 | Likes: 0
It is entirely our own discretion whom we choose to be the charioteer of our life.     We can choose either heart or mind as our polestar.    The mind is highly calculative and profit--seeking. I have observed that by giving free rein to the mind in one's life, one can be mo  Read More...
Published on Mar 29,2020 10:20 AM
By Neema Kumari in General Literary | Reads: 297 | Likes: 0
Neeru was newly married. She was beginning a new life in a new home with her husband, Anush. In her new home lived her mother-in-law, Uma; father-in-law, Kamalkant; Anush elder brother, Avneesh; his wife Rita, and of course, Anush.  Avneesh and Rita were married for five years. Neeru was happy   Read More...
Published on Apr 21,2020 12:28 AM
The Last Night
By Hemanth Karicharla in Romance | Reads: 292 | Likes: 0
The Last Night - A Successful Love Story! Chola Street, Varsha Towers, 8:45 pm Dithi is sitting near the study table in her room. She is switching on and off the study lamp continuously and thinking deep about something. Her father is scolding her from the living room, but she is simply ignoring h  Read More...
Published on Apr 26,2020 12:16 PM
By Mamta Sehgal in General Literary | Reads: 291 | Likes: 0
We all know that God is omnipresent; He is there in all that exists in this universe. He takes care of each one of us every moment of our life. He is there for us whenever we need Him, but does not interfere in our day-to-day affairs. There are times when life catches us up in its web and puts us in  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 07:53 PM
By ANUSHADINESHKATARIA in Poetry | Reads: 290 | Likes: 0
Flora lamented Trees pleaded Rains soured Fauna 'recked Earth wretched Skies with plumbum clouds Nature cried aloud O'Alas!!woe to Earth, Be it crowned by corona Lost 'ts aesthetic aroma What a bitter verona!! Thee,humans Scuffling abo't with biowars Across the oceans & lands Turning clouds grey  Read More...
Published on Apr 20,2020 02:32 PM
Proposing Once Again
By Kumar Sabya Sachi in Romance | Reads: 289 | Likes: 0
While walking down the street.We found our own coffee shop.Where we use to come out to chill after work.We were the best friend of those days.But I really don't knowWhen I smote on her.She was really confident and exuberant lady.Where I am timid and ambiguousI set the stage to propose herI am reall  Read More...
Published on Jun 8,2020 06:56 PM
By Pavan K in Poetry | Reads: 287 | Likes: 0
Put your memories in Recycle Bin Bottles may be Larger then Tin Vodaka is stronger then Ginn Replace Surf Excel with Rin Max is always greater then Min Singe baby is better then making Twin There is no short cut to Win Life is Game Just like ROUND ROBIN,...  Read More...
Published on May 12,2020 12:50 AM
The monsoon rain
By Ayush Chhabra in Poetry | Reads: 287 | Likes: 0
If this smell of soil, The known guest that knocks After Rain drops , could be sent. If this scent  Of chills , of my garden in backyard  After cold breeze touched my arms , could be sent. If the view from my window Of this chirpy soil Pleased to meet a lover and showoff  The Swaying   Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 04:18 AM
Is this the End?
By JJ Sebastian in True Story | Reads: 286 | Likes: 0
I am an undergraduate student; I do have friends in college but when I return back to hostel, I am alone as my friends don't stay nearby, and the only time I get to have people around is in college.  I enjoy walking alone post-dinner because that is the time I feel more alive. I pass by restaur  Read More...
Published on Apr 19,2020 01:41 PM
Set me free
By Hope in Poetry | Reads: 285 | Likes: 0
Just gimme a chance and I'll fix it allI've figured it out afterall Just gimme a chance and I'll fix it all I've figured it out afterall Just talk for a while  Cuz non of us is so fragile It's high time To set things right To blow off the candles and sleep tight It has always been weird all   Read More...
Published on Apr 23,2020 09:55 AM
By tarun sharma in Romance | Reads: 284 | Likes: 0
How to Treat the One You Love  “Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts.”  To Love and Be Loved “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”  “We can only be said to be alive in those moments wh  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 10:00 AM
By Sana Malhotra in General Literary | Reads: 283 | Likes: 0
We often live in so much need of practicality and the need to walk up higher and higher that we forget what we are actually made of. We are not some sparkle and shine that the world has in store for us. We are made to spread the sparkle and shine that we are born with. Our roots define us. Our ances  Read More...
Published on Apr 25,2020 08:37 AM
Shades of love
By Zarna Sanghvi in Poetry | Reads: 283 | Likes: 0
When I turned 15, love entered my life with an innocent face and a dreamy smile. But that smile only existed for me, it took me a while to realize. I could have resisted love, but I chose not to, because love gave me butterflies, just by the look in his eyes. Love would often stare at me from far co  Read More...
Published on May 8,2020 05:32 PM