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Geetansha Ghai


By Geetansha Ghai in True Story | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0

Secrets and Experiences Everyone has a lot of 'em, isnt it? But not everyone has that one person To whom you can bare it all I wasn't that good secretkeeper, you see Until I had a lot of my own My beloved mother thinks, she knows me But I don't think so But I can't just crush her expectations or som  Read More...

Published on May 7,2020 07:17 PM


By Geetansha Ghai in Poetry | Reads: 120 | Likes: 0

Roses are bleeding red . Lying alone in my bed . Waiting to get fed . With a lot of feelings unsaid . Responsibilities on my head  . Empathy is almost dead . Where everything is misled . Hypocrisy has been a shed . For all the dirt, instead . Learning to behead . All the worries unwed  . T  Read More...

Published on May 7,2020 07:12 PM


By Geetansha Ghai in Poetry | Reads: 116 | Likes: 0

I am the date  You never went on I am the sweetest cake  You never wanted to taste I am the mistake You want to correct I am the ocean You never explored I am the long mysterious novel You never had the patience to read I am the window You never peeped through I was your favourite su  Read More...

Published on May 7,2020 07:06 PM


By Geetansha Ghai in Thriller | Reads: 115 | Likes: 0

I ain't a damsel in distress But more of a sleeping lioness Don't poke me Or you'll see an innocent become fiery No mercy no pity Cuz you're face is so shitty One roar and you'll be on the floor Your eyes would be searching for the door That one door of this hell You came in, cuz you rang the bell S  Read More...

Published on May 7,2020 06:53 PM


By Geetansha Ghai in Fantasy | Reads: 114 | Likes: 0

Feeling the cool breeze Rustling of the leaves . Drizzling of the rain Avoiding all the sorrow and pain . With a dress that ends just above my thighs I am exquisite, I realise . Contemplating, 'Beauty lies within' Let the whole new chapter begin . Renaming the chapter to self love But finding YOU al  Read More...

Published on May 7,2020 06:50 PM

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