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Everyday I wake up, Put up an expression,  Wear it as make up, Which makes up, For my flat thoughts, I stay,for days,up, Nights never let me sleep, Trying to construct emotion,  Avoiding the populace & sun, See no point to fuel up, And in rat race run   Can't recognize myself anym  Read More...

Published on Apr 19,2020 11:11 AM

The alcoholic Bipolar

By Utkarsh Singh in Mystery | Reads: 359 | Likes: 0

8.40 p.m Great day at work.The code ran well,No run time errors,and  the lines perfectly complied.The target was pretty important,both,for me and the company. I really hope this assignment makes us go global.Boss was pretty happy and I expect a raise.There haven't been any extreme episodes rece  Read More...

Published on Apr 19,2020 11:09 AM

Relationships,art, and mental illness.

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relationship struggles of an artist born out of mental illness// .You've had me close,you've seen me bare,bruised,and brittle.You've seen it everyday,you've faced it all the time.For you it was a shock at first,and now,you're habituated,habituated to my misfit thoughts,habituated to my regular strug  Read More...

Published on Apr 19,2020 11:04 AM

Attention - cries of the subconscious

By Utkarsh Singh in Fantasy | Reads: 275 | Likes: 1

//A little attention,maybe?// A bright,beautiful,warm day.I'm lying on the bed,spoiled by the vaccations, wanting to sleep more, but the excitement of meeting my friends after a whole month won't let me sleep. Yet,even with my eyes open,I fall into an amalgamated world of imagination and reminiscenc  Read More...

Published on Apr 19,2020 10:52 AM

Cursed Curiosity

By Utkarsh Singh in General Literary | Reads: 344 | Likes: 3

Since childhood,I've been fascinated by technology.I've been privileged enough to have parents,Who could afford quality schooling and provided me with desktops, tablets and smartphones at my wish. Hence, naturally I had an early exposure to the web. Soon,I figured out there was a vast store of knowl  Read More...

Published on Apr 19,2020 10:42 AM

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