Dying Hopes
By Pravin Kumar Tripathi in True Story | Reads: 133 | Likes: 0
Dying Hopes.                   Change is necessary for development as well as growth of any country. Every developing country has changed a lot from last 50 years. India is fastest growing country in current era. The journey of the country’s post-i  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 08:28 PM
Journey Of A Boy To A Man
By SK in Poetry | Reads: 137 | Likes: 0
From a boy to a man, The journey isn't easy. Eyes set on the goal,  The boy enters the world of adulthood. With every step towards the goal, The goal seems more farther. In the battle of reality and dreams, Cruel reality wins crushing the innocent boy's dreams. Shedding a piece of himself here,  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 08:42 PM
By Adrija Mukherjee (Amaranthine) in Poetry | Reads: 112 | Likes: 0
Most of the people in the world seek heaven, Some are daring enough to even seek hell, But on this very earth I have seen men turn into angels And experienced wars making devils as well. (Oh ! Show me a place as paradox as life!) All belonging in  this world wants to take the road of fame But   Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:31 PM
Love you till I die
By sukriti Vatsha in Poetry | Reads: 109 | Likes: 0
It might all be true... Maybe love does fade away with time. Perhaps that is the reason we seem to hate the one we have known forever; the reason we hate none other than ourselves.  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:32 PM
By Colonel Dr Ramanan Duraiswami in Poetry | Reads: 153 | Likes: 1
COVID 19 - THE NEW SCOURGE The world went about its reckless ways, Wreaking havoc nights and days. Smog and fumes covered the sun’s rays Mankind walked in a befuddled haze.   The Earth under mankind’s burden groaned, Mother Nature agonized and moaned! Humans plundered, drunk or ston  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:41 PM
She was a mermaid
By Akankshya Das in Romance | Reads: 161 | Likes: 1
They call her "Negress"  But he found her a mermaid , when a black cloud seemed to cover the earth.  The golden brown skin & black hair reminded him of a Goddess. His black eyes turned to follow her large brown eyes with thick lashes. The room went black & his arms instantly surrou  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:41 PM
One Two Three
By sukriti Vatsha in Poetry | Reads: 104 | Likes: 0
First. Second. Third.  Roared our young spirits as we crossed the finish line. One. Two. Three. Mutter our withered spirits as our eyes race against one another to see wether we fall asleep or fall apart.  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:41 PM
Young Hearts
By sukriti Vatsha in Poetry | Reads: 136 | Likes: 0
Its quite the tragedy... When young hearts misconcept love you to the moon and back as loving you as long the moon glimmers in the night sky. A tragedy when we read forever between the lines that ceased to exsist.  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:54 PM
By Adrija Mukherjee (Amaranthine) in General Literary | Reads: 115 | Likes: 0
 It was a fine spring day,  the ripe fruits hung peacefully from the bosoms of the mother tree,  the birds sang songs which were impregnated in their mind with seeds of euphoria. These natural wonders witnessed everyday a small girl of age 7 or 8 walking joyfully on the uneven, naked   Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 09:59 PM
Pioneering an Utopian World
By Saumya Verma in General Literary | Reads: 349 | Likes: 6
Pioneering An Utopian World.… Humans are the critters (creatures) devoid of warmth resonating with belligerence for each other. After all,  a wild goose never laid a tame egg and that’s what describes the human provenance because the acrimonies and bitter feelings like envy, violen  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 10:29 PM
By DR BISWAJIT MOHAPATRA in True Story | Reads: 141 | Likes: 0
Today is Sunday. I reached Hospital early to see one of my patients Divya, whom I had admitted yesterday for persistent vomiting. A 28-year- old, Architecture graduate, suffering from terminal cancer with a big metastatic node sitting over the stomach. A pale, timid and beautiful lady with lots of   Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 10:38 PM
The Inspiration: a recollection
By DR BISWAJIT MOHAPATRA in True Story | Reads: 120 | Likes: 0
“Hey guys and gals... I have decided to become a doctor when I grow up”, a small eight year old boy was telling his friends in excitement. He had just visited a dentist of the biggest hospital in the city with his father. His eyes were looking bright and big. there was no sign of pain,e  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 10:45 PM
By Nikita in Poetry | Reads: 165 | Likes: 2
I was told he was a passing cloud in my life. Little did they know he was the sky i stare at, Every day and every night.  He was the bright mornings,  The many coloured sunsets,  The star studded night.  He was the rainbow in my storm and sometimes he was the storm. The one const  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 10:50 PM
Ek Anokha Ehsaas
By Jai in True Story | Reads: 264 | Likes: 1
Ye baat hai uss samay ki jb may class ninth me naya school join kiya tha, ek chote se jile se padhna aur fir kisi bade scul me jaana, aap sb samajh hi skte hai kitna muskil hota hai ek bacche ke liye pahala din naye school me  jaana .Thora dara thora sahma hua maye ek kone ki seat pe chup chap   Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 01:20 PM
Know your pomegranate
By Vaishhali in Poetry | Reads: 110 | Likes: 0
A beautiful complexity, a well guarded mysteryIf I'm being completely honest, a bit hard too.But navigating through the mess is how you get to the gems they say.Yes, you are often misinterpreted by most, But I don't blame them at all, for not knowing you the way I do,For you are found either in a fo  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 11:12 PM