His Mind -Alike
By DEEPIKA RAO in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 0
His Mind-Alike. Brushing the strand of her hair back, She admired how the mirror was portraying her. Dressed in his big black coat and an orange tie, She somehow managed to look like a miniatured him.  Then she stood still, straightened her shoulders, Chin up! imitating what she had always se  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 01:40 PM
By Mandira Kundu in Poetry | Reads: 77 | Likes: 0
who am I? I am the daughter of the lovers who met at a musical concert, music bonded them somehow, but all my growing years all I have witnessed are some high pitched fights, their equations seemed more complicated than my mathematics which came with no guide book to resolve. I enclosed myself in my  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 02:06 PM
An inexplicable bond.....
By tushar ahuja in General Literary | Reads: 116 | Likes: 1
Friendship- a bond of mutual care and love May be there is no perfect definition to delineate this special relationship between different people...It's a sort of handcuff that we usually feel happy to have on our hands with the right people...,...One may have many such handcuffs but the permanent an  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 03:20 PM
By Bhakti Mukhi in General Literary | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
A guy in the form of a lesson was he, for he taught me the importance of trust, love, codependency then took away the same to teach another one on heartbreak. For home assignments, he left me with lessons to learn on trust issues, insecurity and a very low self esteem. His method of teaching was wal  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 04:04 PM
Past Love Torments
By Ankana Mukherjee in Poetry | Reads: 80 | Likes: 0
Seeing the thundering jolt,  I suddenly felt like a colt.  Storming through unknown revolts,  Memories in my mind flashing like vaults,  Pains and sorrows storming my mind,  Making me tough like a rind,  No more emotions now reside,  Only a hollow cabinet inside ,&  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 05:19 PM
A/C Installation
By Santhosh Kumar S in Supernatural | Reads: 382 | Likes: 2
"Where did that come from?", I woke up with a jolt. It's 9.49 A.M. Still eleven minutes for the alarm to buzz. I can smell the soul of prawn in the kitchen. I am a vegan alright. But I was once a non-vegan. When it comes to smells, the memories don't seem to fade. I vividly remember how Saroja Aaya&  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 08:38 PM
LGBTQ- beautiful souls
By ujjwal tyagi in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0
Why not to pride on your own, If you choose to love a soul, Rather than choosing a body , You have listen of your own, This world will speak on your back, Bark done by the rest, And make humours on loving people of same sex , Because this world is full of literate not educated people And they will l  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 09:08 PM
By Medha Tripathi in Thriller | Reads: 314 | Likes: 3
1 October evening, with a perfect weather it was. Neither too cold nor too warm. Neither too humid nor too dry. The skies were clear and the sweet evening breeze made your skin feel alive. She was standing outside the house, still not sure about her decision. Looking up at the first floor window, sh  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 09:16 PM
Past or Present
By Pratiksha Dodka in Poetry | Reads: 187 | Likes: 3
"Live in the moment", Says every quote.   But living in the past, Does every folk.   Whilst dwelling in the present, Keeps haunted by the past.   Present is like a rodent, Which is Being chased by the cat of past.   Forget the past, And forreal the present.   Past has the le  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 10:36 PM
Lif is beautiful
By Swati Thakur in General Literary | Reads: 94 | Likes: 1
Life is very beautiful enjoy it with good memories this is very wonderful life with the nature enjoy it with full of encouragements and stay positive in your life and make other people happy in the life we face many problems in the life but we have to make solution for that problems there are if and  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 10:49 PM
A perceptible adapt.
By Mahima srivastava in Poetry | Reads: 91 | Likes: 3
It's the same bed,with the blanket red, Same space,with the matching phase, Same room,with the crooked broom, Same balcony,with the hazy sunny, Same smell,with so many things to tell, Same empty stomach,with everything seemingly stuck, And same floor,with no dancing soul, But nothing is as same as   Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:01 PM
By ayushi kaushik in Poetry | Reads: 83 | Likes: 4
It is hard to tell your story to the world Fearing  it to be wrongly uncurledThere is a constant fear Which ends up suffocating the atmosphere You start feeling lonely Something starts killing you slowly Every battle seems difficult Life starts giving you unfair resultsYou think you're worthles  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:13 PM
2:00 AM
By Eesha Goyal in General Literary | Reads: 252 | Likes: 3
It was 2.00 am, couldn't sleep. Tried to, obviously. Wasn't using my phone either. Lying down with my head under the pillow,  thinking about you, your voice, your eyes, okay stop, I thought and turned around. Too old now, to count sheep. I thought I shouldn't think so much and that I should st  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:31 PM
Love ❣️
By Neena Joseph in General Literary | Reads: 97 | Likes: 0
Deficiency of love is an incurable disease that affected lives                                                                      Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:53 PM
By Eesha Goyal in General Literary | Reads: 195 | Likes: 3
Why? Why hold on to something which has, hurt you, worn you, broken you down a million times? Why hold on when the other person has already left? why hold on if it's all agony and no pleasure? Why hold on if it doesn't make sense anymore? Why hold on if you aren't happy? Why hold on to the person o  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 11:53 PM