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What!  I was reading Jay Rubin's Murakami and the Music of Words, which would be very valuable in my research. The time was a quarter past eleven, and I got a call from an unknown number. These calls from unknown numbers make me very hopeful, as I assume them- to be from places where I had app  Read More...

Published on Jun 24,2022 11:52 PM

The Norton Grapes

By Kaushik Bhuyan in Poetry | Reads: 218 | Likes: 0

 The Norton Grapes  It's my first visit to the States, And the visit has been an enriching one. Currently I am at the state of Maryland, The one famous for its wood and wildlife. It was a free state earlier, Lucky me, I am not gonna have a dry day now. Dr. Lecter, my friend, has invited m  Read More...

Published on Jun 23,2020 05:00 PM

The Resistance of love

By Kaushik Bhuyan in General Literary | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0

It's August, f or most people it's the first month of the second half of the year. Not for everyone though, as for some it's the month that marks the beginning of the whole new journey.     Just like that, the journey has started for Dhruv. The journey that decides his future, his fate. H  Read More...

Published on Jun 3,2020 12:20 PM

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