By Chithra Rangarajan in Poetry | Reads: 379 | Likes: 4
I greeted you as a little one in your mom’s arms Your fingers rubbed me kindly as you passed by. In a little while a toddler crawled towards me. I stood solid to support those delicate legs. You glimmered with your incisors. Gradually you ascended and shook me briskly Seeking to venture the u  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 08:59 PM
यूं ही नहीं हम लेखक हुए
By Shuvaiba parveen in True Story | Reads: 379 | Likes: 1
यह कहानी नहीं एक सच्चाई है। हम लेखकों को कोई उस तरह इज्जत नहीं देता है ।जिस तरह देनी चाहिए पर हम लोगों को इस बात से को  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 07:29 PM
In-service Teacher Training Education in India
By shailesh rathod in General Literary | Reads: 378 | Likes: 1
In-service Teacher Training Education in India -Shailesh Rathod In-service Teacher Training Education in India “A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to bum its own flame.”-R.N. Tagore. It is the educa  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 09:35 AM
The Princess and her Roses
By Ashika in Fantasy | Reads: 378 | Likes: 4
The late October winds have gone furious. The lamps that were lit, died as the wind blew through the corridor. The beautiful silk curtains were struggling to set themselves free from the iron rod. Two of the guards came hurriedly to close the balcony doors but the maids barred entry as the princess  Read More...
Published on Apr 11,2020 02:07 AM
A Glimpse
By Hina Beg in General Literary | Reads: 378 | Likes: 3
Came across this - write your story here! What caught my attention is 'here' part, is the space enough, or is it that this is the moment - carpe diem!! As a psychotherapist, I am honored to be a part of many stories, each unique and amazing. It is not easy to share in general your heart out but with  Read More...
Published on Jun 5,2020 01:06 PM
The Tawaif and Bahadur Shah Zafar
By Priyan R Naik in General Literary | Reads: 377 | Likes: 1
The British were determined to make him the last of the dynasty, the great Mughal dynasty that could trace its roots to Genghis Khan and Timur, to Babur, Akbar and to Shah Jehan. Bahadur Shah Zafar, the Emperor, was a direct descendant of this impressive lineage. Noor Bai was all of 20 years old, a  Read More...
Published on May 8,2020 09:43 AM
मैं प्रतीक्षा करता रह गया
By Abhinav Srivastava in Poetry | Reads: 377 | Likes: 7
इस बार आँखों से बस आसूओं को देखता रह गया वो अवसर न जाने कब निकल गया मैं बस प्रतीक्षा करता रह गया मैं समुद्र की गहराइय  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 06:43 PM
By Eunice Nikhila in True Story | Reads: 377 | Likes: 4
Though I've told this story to my friends and few family members, I'd like to share it in a platform where few more people would get inspired. In our daily life, we are always in a hurry. We are all glued to something or the other that keeps us busy. We go to work, we go to college, we work at home,  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 01:59 PM
Beyond The Horizon
By aditi shrimali in True Story | Reads: 376 | Likes: 19
It was an ordinary monsoon morning and I sipped my usual cup of morning tea, reading a news article about a group of women bikers embarking on an all India journey. I smiled to myself as I remembered how in my teen years I had also harboured a similar dream; to just pack a bag and go off travelling   Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 02:36 AM
Forget past for Smile
By shashi singh in General Literary | Reads: 376 | Likes: 0
ये  आर्टिकल  उन  लोगो  के  लिए   है  जो  ये  कहते  है  मेरा  पहला  प्यार  अधूरा  रह  गया  मुझ  Read More...
Published on Apr 6,2020 05:12 PM
Falling In Love
By Sourav Kumar in General Literary | Reads: 375 | Likes: 0
Falling in love is common among youngsters, as it is a feeling that creates within heart. As the heart grows young, it becomes thirsty for love and shows inclination towards someone else whose smiles, swaying hairs, luring figure and cunning attitudes remain inside. While studying in college, he me  Read More...
Published on Apr 8,2020 08:40 PM
Letting go !
By Filter Koffee Chronicles in Romance | Reads: 375 | Likes: 2
Vani was tossing and turning in her bed. Her sleep was very disturbed, her dreams too, were vague and hazy, and she could not recollect them. That bothered her a lot, normally, she would have dreams that were 4K HD resolution and she would recount them to her husband, Vasanth, every morning in excru  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 01:11 AM
"Nations United" by Corona
By Johnny in Poetry | Reads: 375 | Likes: 2
No visas and no immigration process, An uninvited guest fast and furious! It has no borders, discriminates none. Black or white, brown or yellow; it treats all as one. Pushed back everything and captured the center stage. Spare no worship places, saints and sage. Does god admit it as wrath on mankin  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 06:04 PM
Raghavi's Story Book - Story 1
By in General Literary | Reads: 375 | Likes: 13
I am Raghavi, I am studying 6th Standard in Everwin Vidhyashram, Perambur. i am writing this during this Corona days A long time ago, there live a kind King and a Queen. They had a prince named Veer. At the time there was schools and hospitals, but the King and the Queen were not educated. So some   Read More...
Published on May 17,2020 02:00 PM
दिल्ली के दंगे मुस्लिम मानसिकता के सर्वोत्तम उदाहरण है!
By in General Literary | Reads: 374 | Likes: 0
*दिल्ली के दंगे खतरनाक असल मुस्लिम मानसिकता के सर्वोत्तम उदाहरण है*  *-By Arvind K Pandey* नागरिकता संशोधन कानून पर अनावश्यक &n  Read More...
Published on Mar 26,2020 07:26 AM