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English as a Second Language Teacher and French Tutor
English as a Second Language Teacher and French Tutor

Love Sites

By Purvi in Poetry | Reads: 193 | Likes: 0

On the hammock, Under the full moon, My lover reads to me.. From the clear night sky, Out of nowhere, it pours, And we dance in the rains.. In the garden, A candlelight dinner we enjoy, Followed by Tiramisu.. On the crescent moon, We sit again, Sip coconut waters.. Under the starry sky,  We  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2020 07:41 PM

Journey in the Soul

By Purvi in Poetry | Reads: 286 | Likes: 1

Journey in the soul Begins with dreams when awake  In the moments Still and tranquil When far away emotions From the wandering heart Come closer Enlightening the spirit Clearing up after a storm Reflecting new chances For better future with wise friends Living the present first Leaving the pas  Read More...

Published on May 21,2020 04:07 AM


By Purvi in Poetry | Reads: 272 | Likes: 1

Moments of friendship, Began with casual conversations And blossomed to love for me.. On video chat, Tea, we sipped in the evenings, News and future, we discussed,  Intimate weekends we enjoyed, Romantic songs we sang,  Different stories we wrote and published, Same movies we watched, Drea  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 01:51 PM

A Blessing in Disguise

By Purvi in Poetry | Reads: 752 | Likes: 3

Before the pandemic, There was chaos in the neighbourhood,  Gossip, rumours, Banging from construction sites, And barking dogs. At home too, There was turmoil, As urgent problem of the family, Demanded my attention, Requiring my sacrifice,  To marry another religion, For personal gains, By  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 04:38 PM

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