War Story

Danger Awaits
By Vardhan in War Story | Reads: 30,857 | Likes: 107
Afraid, I hesitantly walked with my two teenage daughters in the darkness through a dense thicket.The waning moon acted as the only source of light. We were going to the nearest railway station to catch a train. Papaji had stayed behind to protect his mulk. Houses were completely burnt, and there we  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 04:05 AM
Invisible Lines
By Jatin Khandelwal in War Story | Reads: 432 | Likes: 1
I was the best footballer in my society, except that one day. “So you think you can play better than me?” I asked angrily. I was already annoyed after missing another goal and on top of it, there he was laughing maniacally at me from the sidelines. He nodded in excitement. I scanned him   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 10:17 PM
The War-Dream
By Adity Dubey in War Story | Reads: 584 | Likes: 1
April-1945, WW-II was going on.. In that war-torn world, Nazi Germany invaded a nation that was already suffering from hunger and depression. The Nazi soldiers captured a village in this nation and muredered innocent childern and sent new born babies to the main land of Nazi Germany.. They handcuffe  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 11:25 PM
By Sundaram Krishnamurthy, Sudha Krishna in War Story | Reads: 431 | Likes: 0
*A WARTIME BLACKOUT WITHOUT THE ACTUAL BLACKOUT!!* The self imposed Janta Curfew reminded us of certain past actions! During 1962 when China invaded us, we were barely out of the high school. When Pakistan tried its tricks in 1965, we were safely ensconced in Kharakvasla North Camp, near Pune; we we  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 10:29 AM
How to combat corona fear towards self-control and love
By Sudipta Mishra in War Story | Reads: 713 | Likes: 0
In a major worldwide outbreak of novel COVID-19 virus  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 11:18 AM
Being human
By Lina in War Story | Reads: 472 | Likes: 0
BEING HUMAN   it is quite common to be anxious in situations like these.  it could have been worse, if this virus could have erupted out of nowhere in 1800 or something. the fear that this virus could be on any individual surrounding us is just one of the concerns and ergo we are social di  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 01:38 PM
Smile please!
By deviprasath arunachalam in War Story | Reads: 300 | Likes: 1
The sweet voices echoed in between the four walls.  The children are playing here and there.  The walls shows the tragedy of that place by it’s appearance.  The splash of blood shots and coin sized holes appeared nastily all over the walls trying to explain something.  At t  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 01:56 PM
By Manaal Babu Adam in War Story | Reads: 396 | Likes: 0
I rummaged through my pockets, desperately looking for it.  "Where is it god dammit?! I had it with me", I yelled. " Hellooo?! Anybody, please open the door!", I wailed frustrated. I couldn't believe this was happening.... again.  I caught the handle, shook it to vain. The cold metal send   Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 11:36 AM
Blood Petals-1947
By karthik tm in War Story | Reads: 611 | Likes: 1
This is my own work and is a complete work of fiction. All characters and situations are fictitious. The place “Mehndi kuan" does not exist. Rain was pouring outside the old dilapidated mosque. The late evening call of the muezzin had just finished. In the nearby compound, there stood a run do  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 12:38 PM
One Sword
By Rajneesh Kumar in War Story | Reads: 448 | Likes: 0
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:53 PM
My Definition of war
By Radhika in War Story | Reads: 508 | Likes: 4
I never wanted to hear the word "War",and cant/wont accept the fact of anything(bad) is good for War. War as I have heard ,is fight(in the form of Violence/tactics) over acquisition of Power,land,forces,wealth,resource,money etc. But I have my own definition of War. Fight/Help/Discuss/Con call/C  Read More...
Published on Mar 26,2020 04:52 PM
When will the Blood Bath End ?Part 1
By Tanvi Mehta in War Story | Reads: 480 | Likes: 2
Who  ignited the flames? What created the sparks? Who was responsible? When will the current war stop??  Why did the bloodbath and abduction occur when we were one in our "Boycott Of British Goods" mission ? When did Lord Shiva fight with "Mohammed Prophet"? When did Hindu "Goddess" fi  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 12:05 PM
Save Me(EARTH) - My Child(WE)
By Smriti Thakur in War Story | Reads: 497 | Likes: 0
It's been a long time my earth is facing wars.          It's really a concern.                                                        M  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 04:10 PM
Dream to reality
By Sharad Aggarwal in War Story | Reads: 371 | Likes: 2
Most of us has heard that there is a woman behind the success of every man. Have u ever heard about that there is a best friend behind your success.  This story is of a guy whose dream was to be a chef but due to family pressure he became a heart surgeon. This is a story of a fifteen year old g  Read More...
Published on Mar 28,2020 07:01 PM
When will the Blood Bath End ?Part 2
By Tanvi Mehta in War Story | Reads: 385 | Likes: 1
As in the previous part we just had a sneak peak into historical times;now let's come back to present ground realities.  What about today , tomorrow and generations to come ?? A question which each of us need to think . What about our future generations? We are in a Digital World now.If we don'  Read More...
Published on Apr 9,2020 11:06 AM
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